My Favorite Quotes
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 Nadim Khoury - “We believe green will be a good match for the new government.”
 Manal Fakhoury - “To be honest, we've been asked by many different groups would we do a fund-raiser in our home, but we had long ago during the construction phase said the first event would be for United Way. United Way helps so many different groups and agencies.”
 George Khoury - “We are in a dangerous position especially after the cases (reported) in Iraq...and we accept any help to improve our readiness.”
 Hani Khoury - “It gives people the feeling of permanency, that ADC is not just some passing fad that will go away in a few years. It provides a physical location for people to go to get help and have their questions answered about Social Security, how to meet their senator or congressman, or to talk to someone about a problem.”
 George Khoury - “It's pure fun and entertainment to open your mind up to alternatives.”
 Hani Khoury - “Through that, the community assimilates into the American quilt.”
 George Khoury - “No country is safe from the risk of bird flu today, especially not Syria because it neighbors Turkey.”
 Nadim Khoury - “Every time we sell a bottle of beer it goes toward building the state of Palestine.”
 Nadim Khoury - “We can sell non-alcoholic beer in Gaza very easily.”
 Nadim Khoury - “Now we have a new government, so our motive to produce non-alcoholic beer becomes stronger.”
 Manal Fakhoury - “You know, I don't know why it's never been themed Southern Style before. It does seem to evoke a certain graciousness specific to food and attitude.”
 Hani Khoury - “Our number one priority is battling discrimination against Arab-Americans, and changing the stereotypes, letting people know we're not terrorists, we're not all evil. We're human beings just like you.”
 Hani Khoury - “Establishing and staffing an office in the state exemplifies the long-term commitment of ADC-NJ to continue to have a credible voice in shaping policy decisions, perceptions and attitudes about our Arab-American community. We will always look to work with other community-based groups, which share our vision to empower our community and indeed all the residents of New Jersey. ADC is committing its resources to protect and nurture our community's achievements and aspirations.”