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 Jason Kidd - “The 14-game (streak) was different because we never talked about it, we just went out there and played. This is kind of the same. We are not talking about the win streak, but more focusing on trying to get better. We have gotten better, we have won games and hopefully we can continue to do that.”
 Jason Kidd - “The season's too young. It's 14 games into the season. Nobody will remember this one.”
 Jason Kidd - “Yeah, because if we won 10 in a row (in June) I think we'd be running up and down the (Garden State) Parkway right now.”
 Quentin Kidd - “What Warner should do is become active in the party and find some cause he tie his name to, something that can give him the national exposure that he needs.”
 Quentin Kidd - “Right now, neither of the two sides seems to be willing to give in.”
 Jason Kidd - “This is a funny game. I was telling (Chauncey) Billups that we acted like we couldn't play on the west coast. Then we come home and we give them a run for their money. And we won a big ball game.”
 Jason Kidd - “The big thing for us is to have guys come off the bench and give the starters a break. That just makes us more of a dangerous team.”
 Jason Kidd - “You've got to keep it. You worked this hard. You don't want to just give it away. We have to come out with the mind-set of what we did in Games 2 and 4.”
 Jason Kidd - “It's good (to have a triple-double) but I would rather have the win.”
 Jason Kidd - “We got off to a rough start up there and we had to get off to a good start. We got a lead kept our lead.”
 Jason Kidd - “As you get older you appreciate the triple-double a little more. It would be really nice to get one and its always good to get one against those guys.”
 Jason Kidd - “That set the franchise in a whole different light I think. I think it helped get rid of whatever the negative vibes of being a Net were. If we had never gotten out of that game, we would have never known how good we could be.”
 Jason Kidd - “I hope everybody still is confident that we can turn everything around. But in this league everybody becomes fragile when things don't go well. We'll soon find out.”
 Jason Kidd - “The good teams respond and hold the ship up until that person gets back. We just hope that Vince gets back soon.”
 Jason Kidd - “We're a team. We've played without guys that have been hurt for six weeks. Guys are going to have to step it up coming off the bench.”
 Jason Kidd - “Jermaine O'Neal is the responsibility of everyone. We can't leave Jason on an island by himself. We have to help him as much as we can. Hopefully, we can slow him down, but we can't stop him because he's a talented guy.”
 Jason Kidd - “It showed a lot of character. Getting in late after an emotional win, we could have just made it respectable but we did our job and wanted to win and that showed.”
 William Kidd - “Upon receiving your Lordship's letter I am making the best of my way for Boston.”
 William Kidd - “I would rather my soul broil in hell than I do you any harm.”
 William Kidd - “This ship was a league from us, and some of the men would have taken her, and I would not consent to it, and this Moore said I always hindered them making their fortunes. Was that not the reason I struck him Was there a mutiny on board”
 William Kidd - “If you will take her, you may take her, but if you go from aboard, you shall never come aboard again.”
 Jason Kidd - “We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees - upon being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks”
 Sue Kidd - “People who think dying is the worst thing don't know a thing about life.”
 Jason Kidd - “There's always room for improvement. We have a nucleus that's pretty good. You want players that will help.”
 Jason Kidd - “There are many really good teams in our conference this season. Miami, Indiana and Detroit will be our fiercest opponents this year. But we just have to focus on our game and be patient with the realistic hope that we'll be on top after all is said and done.”

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