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 Jason Kidd - “It gave us a chance to regroup and understand what got us there, and that was playing defense.”
 Jason Kidd - “In the second half, we were a totally different team. We found some energy on defense and that helped us win the game.”
 Jason Kidd - “Good teams win the ugly games. We didn't play extremely well on the offensive end. Our defense did a wonderful job. We are going in the right direction.”
 Maurice Kidd - “We're absolutely shattered by this decision. We've come out, we've come forward and worked with the NRL on these discrepancies and these breaches and we feel hard done by.”
 Jason Kidd - “We expected them to make a run in the second half. The crowd got back into the game, but we kept our composure, got stops when we needed to, and Vince carried us down the stretch.”
 Jason Kidd - “You've got to give them credit for coming back. We've got a lot of respect for them.”
 Jason Kidd - “I gotta give our guys credit. They could have folded the tent. But we fought back.”
 Jason Kidd - “When I was a little kid I used to play with guys twice my age, so, I was the last one picked, so if I picked I knew that I had to get the ball to the scorer if I wanted to stay on the court, so that was pretty much my job.”
 Jason Kidd - “I'm a high-risk taker on the court in the sense of trying to squeeze things in there.”
 Jason Kidd - “I think both teams are pretty evenly matched in the sense of them being able to slow down the game, and for us, we want to speed it up and get into the open court. It's just a battle of whose will and whose makeup will be for 48 minutes.”
 Jason Kidd - “We'll take the shots that Vince takes out there on the court because we all have the confidence in him.”
 Jason Kidd - “I thought I was trying to do my best and what he wanted me to do, ... I was getting the grasp of it. I know everyone talked about my style of getting up and down the court, but I thought I was starting to grasp what was going on.”
 Jason Kidd - “I'm a high-risk taker on the court in the sense of trying to squeeze things in there, so as a player, yeah,”
 Jason Kidd - “In the first game, we kind of were a little passive. Tonight, I think we all understood that we couldn't go down two-love on our home court. So I think we came out with the intentions of playing defense for 48 minutes, and that's what we did.”
 Jason Kidd - “I think this team thrives in the half court, more than the first three or four years I was here, when our offense was in the open court, and we struggled in the half court. I think we can score in both situations.”
 Quentin Kidd - “Despite the fact that gifts are not restricted, and despite the fact that contributions to candidates are not restricted, the per-donor contribution is not higher here than it is in other states, and the cost of campaigns is not higher here than it is elsewhere.”
 Jason Kidd - “He took control. He did what he wanted. He ran the pick-and-roll, he got to wherever he wanted, he found the open guy, he got to the free-throw line.”
 Jason Kidd - “He took control. He did what he wanted. Once he started to get to the foul line (he was 10 of 12), I think he started to get into a groove.”
 Jason Kidd - “You won't see a game like that from Shaq, very rarely. We were waiting for him to take control of the game.”
 Jason Kidd - “I don't think we were surprised. We are fighting every day to be consistent.”
 Jason Kidd - “We're fighting every day to be consistent. Going on the road and beating the next team in the league, and coming home and beating another great team, it was a carry over of the emotion and us coming together as a team.”
 Jason Kidd - “Collins is huge for us. He helps out defensively. He might not show it in the offensive stats, but he gets guys open. He's very solid. That's what you need, someone to be consistent and he's that on both ends.”
 Quentin Kidd - “They can point to the results of the last two gubernatorial elections and the gains that have been made by Democrats in the House, where the Republican Party is more conservative, and make the point that changes need to be made, and soon.”
 Jeff Kidd - “We have complete confidence in her. She had a shaky first inning she was nervous. After she settled down, she started hitting her spots.”
 Jason Kidd - “That was my thought. I lost my concentration on trying to make the shot. I was trying to be creative instead of getting the 2 points. I thought that could be a play that could get us going in the right direction.”

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