My Favorite Quotes
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 Angelique Kidjo - “We Africans have to be able to deal with our problems. Help from outside is alright, but we have to learn to be responsible for our own attitudes.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “I'm an African bringing my culture to the Western world. But I use technology and rhythm and blues and jazz and rock. I make it easier for you by combining your tools with mine. But then some will say the music is not pure.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “This continent - that's where my inspiration comes from.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “We have to stop the vulnerability of losing lives so stupidly. We have the capacity. We have the brains, yet we behave like new-born kids.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “It is an issue of attitude change. You cannot preserve cattle and let your children die.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “Go to Harlem We call it Little Senegal now. Wherever I go, Africa is in my roots.”
 Angelique Kidjo - “But this isn't just about Kenya. This crisis is devastating the whole of the Horn of Africa. Millions of people are still suffering.”