My Favorite Quotes
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 Declan Kidney - “As Marcus was on crutches we thought it was best to keep him off his feet as long as possible, so he's weight bearing this week, and we'll scan him later this week and see how he goes.”
 Declan Kidney - “He trained today but we kept him out of contact because that was the prudent thing to do.”
 Declan Kidney - “Peter took a bang and it's affecting his leg so he's a bit of a doubt for the game. We'll just see how he wakes up. He didn't respond too well. We are hoping it would be a bit better this morning so we'll give it every bit of time we can.”
 Declan Kidney - “That would have potentially huge consequences for the (European) draw and that's not a position you would want to leave yourself in.”
 Declan Kidney - “It was one of those games where you had to have patience, not give up scores, and keeping concentration was vital. It was a real stop-start game but we managed to pick off scores and not cough up any easy ones.”