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 Matt Kiefer - “Gary is doing a good job. He is playing physical underneath, getting good looks at the basket and converting everything. He has been doing what we need for us to win.”
 Matt Kiefer - “He draws up plays on the spur of the moment that we've never run. (If) he sees a person is going over the top of the screen or playing you this way then he'll counter that. He does a good job of on-the-spot coaching.”
 Matt Kiefer - “My teammates did a good job as far as setting screens for me getting me open and finding me whenever I made a cut for the basket.”
 Matt Kiefer - “Marco did a good job when we double-teamed him as far as passing the ball out. And they passed the ball around until someone had an open shot and knocked it down.”
 Matt Kiefer - “He tries to fulfill his role on the team and plays hard. He's a really good guy he really cares about everything as far as his teammates, the coaches and everyone around him.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “It was an unbelievable shot, ... The angle was just too good.”
 Joe Kiefer - “He's done a good job. He's had a couple of rough spots but he's getting stronger as the season moves along.”
 William Kiefer - “You're going to see, at some point, burnout. I see increased illness, stress. They don't know what to tackle next.”
 William Kiefer - “All the information was given to the (PTO) board to decide how they wanted to move forward because the school had no standing.”
 Anselm Kiefer - “When, at the end of the 1960s, I became interested in the Nazi era, it was a taboo subject in Germany. No one spoke about it anymore, no more in my house than anywhere else.”
 Anselm Kiefer - “But we should also not forget the difference between what first motivated me and the work that is the result.”
 Anselm Kiefer - “I believe art has to take responsibility but it should not give up being art.”
 Matt Kiefer - “I thought we did a good job of playing against the zone. We moved the ball really well and got the ball into position where we could score. They just didn't go in.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “I thought it's his point. I was surprised that I got this point but I took it. Of course, it's not nice but what can I do I'm a person with so much tension also inside.”
 Karl Kiefer - “Again, it's the experience factor. He didn't play tailback last year, so it takes time.”
 Joe Kiefer - “We got pinned too many times. We weren't able to reciprocate with falls of our own.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “It's great and I'm so happy because I knew the situation. I've been so many times in the quarterfinals and this one today was my biggest one.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “It must be my goal to win a final, not only to qualify for it. Unfortunately I couldn't pick up my game today. It was just too flat. I'm very disappointed.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “I'm very happy with my serve today.”
 Nicolas Kiefer - “Everyone has to understand that there are so many emotions and so much tension. You're fighting and it happens. Of course, it's not nice, but what can I do I'm a person with so much tension inside. I'm winning here because I'm fighting unbelievably well. That makes me happy - I'm still here, not by playing good tennis, but by fighting.”
 Anselm Kiefer - “The Wise Virgins”
 William Kiefer - “Our feeling, in talking with people at the school, was disbelief that she would actually be involved in something like this.”
 Matt Kiefer - “He was the guy who gave me the opportunity to play here. Anytime I see him, it's awesome.”
 Matt Kiefer - “I'm not looking at it that way. Basically, I'm trying to look it as an opportunity to help all the young guys, everybody who doesn't have as much experience as I do. I'm just trying to look at it as an opportunity and help our team get better.”
 Joe Kiefer - “Anytime you can wrestle a team that's ranked that high nationally it's a nice opportunity.”

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