My Favorite Quotes
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 Carolyn Kieger - “I think for the most part, the times they made runs were able to get back on defense and make some stops. But we didn't make as many stops in a row as we wanted to and needed to.”
 Carolyn Kieger - “We both knew each other's offense and defense. It was more of who was going to execute more.”
 Carolyn Kieger - “We were more relaxed. In the first half we missed 10 lay-ups and that's 20 points. In the second half our offense picked up and we made more stops on defense, but it was too little, too late.”
 Carolyn Kieger - “It's four years and it's a special group, special place and four years I'll never forget. I don't even know how to put it in words. (Marquette basketball) has taught me so much, mostly off the floor stuff that is, that I'm going to continue on my whole life with.”
 Carolyn Kieger - “We've been talking the last couple of days about attacking, and we've been running a lot of execution (drills) in practice. Tonight, we had a good balance of attacking and taking the right shot.”
 Carolyn Kieger - “It's happened so many times to us, I don't want to say we're used to (being down), but we don't quit. We're fighters. It's just the attitude we have. We're not going to back down.”