My Favorite Quotes
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 Eugene Kiernan - “Insurance underwriters are asking many more diverse questions regarding both individual risks from both a products standpoint and premises liability. And renewals are requiring more and more detail than ever before to support the types of questions they're asking.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “If we become aware of any instance in which the information on the tapes may have been accessed or misused, ... we will alert anyone impacted immediately of additional steps that can and should be taken.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “From day one, AOL and Time Warner have been fully committed to open access, ... Our continuing conversations with the regulatory agencies reviewing our merger are proceeding well and we are on track to close in the fall.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “Time Warner retains that information to administer retirement, compensation and other benefits information for its employees,”
 Gerry McKiernan - “I would be very hesitant to say it happens all the time. I would be very hesitant to say it doesn't happen.”
 Thomas Kiernan - “Protecting dark night skies in our National Parks is as vital as protecting clean air, water, wildlife and the sounds of nature,”
 Thomas Kiernan - “The list is a metaphor for troubled national parks all across the nation, ... Some of our national parks are becoming a national disgrace.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “In the wake of the court ruling, Microsoft is clearly scrambling, but they still have a long way to go to address the anti-consumer, anti-competitive elements of Windows XP.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “In the wake of the court ruling, Microsoft is clearly scrambling, but they still have a long way to go to address the anti-consumer, anti-competitive elements of Windows XP,”
 Eugene Kiernan - “That takes a part of your supply chain and puts it in control of somebody else. You might not know what's going on on a day-to-day basis, or week-to-week basis, and then you have to understand how they're handling risks at their factory.”
 Eugene Kiernan - “You have to work at identifying and maintaining and keeping abreast of the risk because it's being done somewhere else. Whereas if you own your own manufacturing, you have much better control over your costs and products.”
 Thomas Kiernan - “As air tours become more widespread, keeping the noise from getting out of hand is an emerging concern throughout the National Park System ... We are encouraged that this Congress is moving quickly to ensure that national parks remain sanctuaries where people can get away from the intrusions of everyday life.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “What AOL has sought is to be able to compensate other computer manufacturers for promotional rights that Microsoft has taken for free. Microsoft doesn't like that because it has not faced this kind of challenge before.”
 Eugene Kiernan - “Our risk management strategy has been to better understand our own products and marketsnow and in developmentso we can not only respond to the underwriters' concerns, but we can more clearly address our own concerns. At the end of the day, the risk is with the company.”
 Thomas Kiernan - “Star gazing is a connection to humanity's earliest curiosity about our place in the universe. It is practically impossible to see the stars from most cities, but now, clear night vistas in our national parks are an important resource that is literally fading from sight.”
 Kathy McKiernan - “The debate has been overtaken by the tremendous progress in the marketplace with ATT, AOL and Time Warner all committed to providing open access and choice for consumers, ... Today's decision is good news because it will continue the momentum for open access.”
 Eugene Kiernan - “If that factory has a catastrophic event, where can they provide alternative manufacturing facilities If they can't, then you're out of business because they're out of business.”