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 Doug Kilby - “It was a good game. We accomplished what needed to be accomplished to set us up for playoffs.”
 Doug Kilby - “The corner kick right before half was nice and the minute Alex hit that corner, I said that's a great ball. Ben went hard and it was a super head - you couldn't have a better corner to a head. That's real soccer. It just went boom.”
 Jack Kilby - “Well, the big products in electronics in the '50s were radio and television. The first big computers were just beginning to come in and represented the most logical market for us to work in.”
 Jack Kilby - “This could be done in part, because the equipment was very inexpensive. Not much money was involved in tooling so that basic changes of that type could be accomplished.”
 Jack Kilby - “There was a space program before there was integrated circuits.”
 Jack Kilby - “The groups that have awarded them are all a little different. It's a little hard to single out any one for that, but I think the dedication of this building would have to go toward the top of the list.”
 Jack Kilby - “Space was of interest, but a major driving factor was the interest in the military, which had much broader, more diverse needs, more urgency with it.”
 Jack Kilby - “I'm sure there will continue to be exciting new products and major changes, but it looks as if the existing technology has a great deal of room to grow and prosper.”
 Jack Kilby - “I think they now have a very good position. Their digital signal processing is right in the mainstream of the future development.”
 Jack Kilby - “I feel my story has been exercised very thoroughly and very frequently.”
 Jack Kilby - “How are we doing in the electronics field as opposed to, you know, we hear how advanced the Japanese are Do you think we're still pretty competitive Oh, yes.”
 Jack Kilby - “My own interest developed because I thought it was a fascinating subject and something I wanted to pursue.”
 Doug Kilby - “They supported the ball very well and were running off the ball better than us. They made us look like we weren't running with their short passes. Even so, I thought we matched up with them pretty well.”
 Doug Kilby - “We beat Littleton in both of the regular season games we played. Hopefully we can beat them a third time.”
 Jack Kilby - “The first calculators tended to sell for 400 or 500. Today, you can get a pretty good one for 4 or 5.”
 Jack Kilby - “I think the varied backgrounds in the beginning were a plus. It took a while for people to understand what they were trying to do and get started, but it did provide for a lot of new ideas.”
 Jack Kilby - “They were the largest semiconductor maker in the world up until about 1980. I'm not sure that that can be re-gained again, but their progress in the last few years has been very impressive.”
 Jack Kilby - “Five years ago, people were crying and feeling the Japanese were about to take over the Earth. I don't hear that kind of talk anymore.”
 Jack Kilby - “It's true that the original idea was mine, but what you see today is the work of probably tens of thousands of the world's best engineers, all concentrating on improving the product, reducing the cost, things of that sort.”
 Jack Kilby - “The number of parts that were required were just prohibitive.”
 Jack Kilby - “They're very strong in memory. Didn't do very much in microprocessors or digital signal processing.”
 Doug Kilby - “We got to move kids around and some played well, like Alex Garneau sweeping. In these type of games if you don't go into four touch or whatever, you're kids don't look good and they don't play well.”
 Doug Kilby - “We were dumping it out today. Our outside halves gave us more effort than they have been and I was pleased with that, but coverage has to be better. We were losing a lot of balls on the outside of our field and that put a lot of pressure on our defense.”
 Doug Kilby - “Alex has had a goal or assist in every game we've played this season. Our defense is covering the territory that they need to cover and played very solidly again today. Our team is playing very well as a unit.”
 Jack Kilby - “Today, people tend to credit me with having the original idea and made the first circuits.”

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