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 Lindsey Kildow - “I wanted to get a medal (in downhill), but I still have my chances. Don't give up on me yet.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “It's always good to have a strong team that supports you and backs you up and is getting those results besides you so you don't feel like the entire team rests on you. I think it's a very good thing that our whole team is doing well.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I have this weird pocket of fluid in my back and it doesn't seem to want to go away. If I keep doing therapy, I hope it will go away. I don't really know what else to do.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “It's definitely weird going from the hospital bed to the start gate. But it's ski racing. I've done it my whole life. I wasn't worried that I'd forgotten anything.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “It's definitely weird to go from the hospital bed to the start gate.”
 Aaron Kildow - “There is some talk of heating season being over, and if these forecasts pan out it will. There is a renewed interest in gasoline. Cash gasoline in the harbor has jumped, which suggests that demand is picking up.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I thought it went really well. It was a pretty open course. There were not so many turns and it was not so steep. That made it pretty tight.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “You know, it doesn't really seem like anybody cares this is the Olympics. It doesn't seem like there are a lot of people here. Last time in Salt Lake, they did such a good job organizing. You could feel the excitement. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel it here.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “Not racing is not an option. I didn't work my whole life to say, 'Maybe next time.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “Last time in Salt Lake, they did such a good job organizing, and everyone was excited. You could just feel in the air, it was excitement. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel like it's exciting.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I'll have plenty of time this afternoon to train for slalom.”
 Aaron Kildow - “The inventory numbers were pretty tame so the market is continuing with its overall downtrend tend. Distillate demand should be weak. There is no cold weather out there and unless you are in North Dakota it looks like that should continue for the next two weeks.”
 Brad Kildow - “It was extremely cold and the wind blew right across the river at the poor folks. When people get too cold, they pick up their gear and leave their fire.”
 Aaron Kildow - “The gasoline barrels from Europe might take two weeks to get here. Things will get worse before they get better because stocks will be tighter.”
 Aaron Kildow - “From a purely fundamental basis, the market shouldn't be within 20 of the crude price that we're seeing. But people are reluctant to sell.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “There's really no technical sections where you can set yourself apart from the other athletes. I was giving it everything I had. A couple people mentioned maybe I wasn't getting as low as I normally do in my tuck. Maybe subconsciously the pain is affecting me.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I have a lot of fluid in my back, and it is causing a lot of pain when I ski. I skied the best I could. You can't be disappointed when you've given it everything you have.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I'm in a lot of pain. I just need to go rest.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “My back, Im in a lot of pain. I hope so.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “The pain was something I was going to take no matter what.”
 Aaron Kildow - “It looked like we would be experiencing below-normal temperatures through mid-January but now it appears that the pattern will end by the end of the month. That has taken the steam out of natural gas and oil as well.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “She was incredible, she spent the whole night with me until 10 o'clock. She cried with me. She said she knew I can do it, that I have to be positive and get back out there as soon as I can. She knew as soon as I got back out there, I'd have a medal. Just not today, I guess.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “She put me under her wing when I came onto the team. I met her when I was nine years old, and she gave me the motivation and kind of the goal to be in the Olympics and win an Olympic gold medal.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “Last year I had a lot of top-three results, but we didn't really get any prizes, just money, so this is really awesome. She's a little ornery, but she's cool.”
 Lindsey Kildow - “I lost confidence after crashing in the Olympics, and it's amazing to be on the podium, especially with Michaela. This is by far my best day since the crash.”

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