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 Kenny MacAskill - “We have been lied to for a generation,”
 Jerry Kill - “It started when we were 4-8 and beat Northern Iowa and Western Illinois. The next year we got off to a good start because we had found a way to win. Winning becomes a habit just like losing is a habit.”
 Jerry Kill - “Basically I'm going into surgery and I'm rolling the dice. I said, 'Why not go to Vegas' But I never did get to feeling good enough to do that.”
 Jerry Kill - “The deal is I have to like it because we have about seven or eight players who aren't practicing right now due to some injuries. We would have a very thin team if we played next week.”
 Jerry Kill - “He (Carroll) makes them a whole different beast to defend.”
 Jerry Kill - “I think they are a whole lot more fired up about lifting than going into that old fox hole that they used to lift in. It is definitely much better than the situation we were in.”
 Jerry Kill - “It was a very physical hard-fought game on a hard surface. You are going to have some of that sometimes.”
 Jerry Kill - “We felt like we had to take recruiting to a little bit different level.”
 Jerry Kill - “I feel like I'm getting better each day. I've been going hard and strong, and hopefully that will continue.”
 Jerry Kill - “It is amazing what Allen has done for us this spring, as far as learning our offense. And he is a tremendous athlete -- one of the best on our team.”
 Jerry Kill - “He'll be a very good player in our program as time progresses.”
 Andrew Roskill - “Microsoft has gone nowhere for the last three months. If you're a long-term investor, this is a really good time to get in.”
 Andrew Roskill - “We have said for some time that Windows 2000 will have a slow ramp because companies take time to test and deploy new operating systems. Windows 2000 is basically a second half of 2000 story.”
 Jerry Kill - “We won a few wars and we lost a few wars today. Here in the past week, we lost (five) players to Division I(-A) programs. But at the same time we were able to get three or four of those players that turned down Division I offers. We felt like overall, as competitive as it was, that we came out pretty good.”
 Andrew Roskill - “The bottom line is, the way things are laid out on the table right now, they just aren't going to work. The government doesn't really understand how technology works.”
 Claire McCaskill - “The UAE was one of three nations in the world that recognized the Taliban.”
 Andrew Roskill - “The event was more of a marketing event than a product launch, as a lot of the details were predictably vague. Further, CEO Ballmer conceded offstage that it likely would be several years before the .NET platform has any material impact on Microsoft's financials.”
 Kenny MacAskill - “This week the Executive had the opportunity to clamp down on this appalling situation but once again it failed to seize the opportunity. It is the citizens of Scotland that will suffer.”
 Jerry Kill - “All the tests so far have come back normal. I am just anxious to get back to work.”
 Kenny MacAskill - “It is a grim picture.”
 Jerry Kill - “They handed down discipline through the school. It wasn't a major issue. It was more of an administrative issue. I'm glad we don't work that way.”
 Claire McCaskill - “There are people of principle who disagree with this form of research. I respect their principles. But what I don't respect is someone dancing around science for political cover.”
 Andrew Roskill - “While Bloom's departure is not in itself disastrous for Oracle, it is yet another chink in the armor.”
 Jerry Kill - “There's no bad feelings. He just felt like it was the right decision and we support him.”
 Jerry Kill - “It's a slow process, I'll tell you. It's a little bit frustrating. I want to go full-tilt right now. I'm just kind of working my way into it. We've got such a young team, it's not like I can take five or six days off. It's just the first time I've ever had anything I couldn't control in life. So it is frustrating.”

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