My Favorite Quotes
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 Linda Killian - “She's never been in trouble with the law, not ever.”
 Linda Killian - “They've certainly been able to be involved in a number of underwritings.”
 Linda Killian - “It was a very middle-of-the- road market, but the returns were decent. Investors are still very picky.”
 John Killian - “Service, great service, is the key to delivering on the promise of IP. And this means we listen to customers, we understand their issues and concerns, and we do it their way, not our way.”
 Linda Killian - “They have to capitalize on the investments they've made in this business. They haven't monetized it as much as we'd like.”
 Linda Killian - “It could go to 300, it could go to 200, ... It really depends on the frenzy that it meets this morning. It certainly could be worth 100 or 200 a share very easily it has established a real brand for itself it has almost 70 percent of the marketplace, due to its excellent marketing, it has really out-paced Windows, and it hasn't made the mistake that Apple Computer made way back when It has an open platform instead of a closed platform. Certainly with today's IPO market, they picked a very fortuitous time to go public. The average IPO this year is up 150 percent.”
 John Killian - “No matter how transformational and incredible the technology, we still have to make it work for customers on their own terms, and we have to deliver the same level of customer service they have come to rely on. When we turn to our customers and ask them, 'Is this solution meeting your expectations' The answer is the same each and every time the quality of service --- from the order to implementation to back-office support --- is just as important as the new features and functionality the service offers.”