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 Marco Killingsworth - “It felt good when stuff started going in. You know, you get your little roll going, ain't no feeling like it.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “I was so happy we won. I didn't want to come out of conference with two back-to-back losses. That would start to mess with your head.”
 Kevin Killingsworth - “Entering our second week, we would have anywhere from seven to 10 kids missing due to illness per practice session.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “At first I thought it was going to be one of those teams that were going to do all that crazy stuff. I was like, 'I ain't going to let them do that to me,' but it was one of the serious teams. They came out and competed.”
 Lynda Killingsworth - “Taking a course in the summer is a great idea for saving time during the school year.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “They go to that offensive glass every time.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “We just have to take it one game at a time. It will help prepare us for the other three conference games we have on the road.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “They are a good team...It was just a matter of time before they got going and we had to hold it down.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “He told me about the pressure, but he said I wouldn't really understand it until I got there and went through it. Now, I see what he was talking about.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “Man, you've got to watch for that Suhr. He's real tricky.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “It's frustrating when you don't win. If you win, you feel like it was worth it.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “The referees are letting people play. That's the reason. It's at the point where there's no calls.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “Those people criticizing (Davis) have never bounced a ball for IU. They haven't bounced one ball and haven't taken one jump shot. We're out here playing.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “It's just taking a while for people to recognize that.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “We're a top-10 team. It's just taking awhile for people to recognize that.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “People play for the respect.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “It isn't like the Big Ten, where you play each team over and over and see each other on TV every night. You know the teams you are playing. I don't know anything about San Diego State, and they don't know anything about us. It is a fresh start for everyone.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “I wasn't going to make a fool of myself twice. I know the 3-point shot I took in the first half I missed bad, so I was like, 'I'm not going to do that anymore.' So I just swung the ball.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “They're Michigan State ... They're going to make that run. We just have to weather the storm.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “Until they get that first win, they're going to look for anybody to try to get a name off of. We're going to go in there and try to make sure it's not off of us.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “We can do some damage. Nobody knows you here. They might see a couple of your games on tape, but they don't know you like the Big Ten knows you. That's why we've got a chance to make some noise.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “After I missed that first one, I wasn't going to make a fool of myself twice. When I caught it, I just passed it off.”
 Lynda Killingsworth - “Having the Internet courses helps allow flexibility for students who may live far away or even work a full-time job.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “You just keep winning, man. You don't control who is going to put you in or take you out.”
 Marco Killingsworth - “If you don't get confidence out of beating Michigan State, you weren't going to get any. It's just a matter of time they'll put us in. If we keep winning, stuff will handle itself.”

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