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 Philip Kilpatrick - “We just started a big garden and then it got bigger and bigger and bigger and we just liked it.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “We have told the federal government that we here in the city of Detroit are willing to step up and accept evacuees from both Louisiana and Mississippi,”
 Judith Kilpatrick - “The big surprises were how many there were, and how far back they went. In learning about the names of the lawyers, I started thinking about what it must have been like.”
 Linda Kilpatrick - “I really enjoy doing an all-star game. I like the girls to see me in some other light than screaming at them from the other side of the bench. I just wanted to emphasize for them to go out and have fun.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “You're the one who was just voted the third-worst mayor for Time magazine, not Hendrix,”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “This is crunch time. I love it. I love it. I love it.”
 Linda Kilpatrick - “It's never a good time to go because there's always younger girls you don't want to leave behind.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “I took personal leave time.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “I never got in trouble in my entire life. Never. Until I got this job ... I have never been arrested. I have never come in contact with anybody in the criminal justice process, me or my family. I just want to know, can Mr. Hendrix say the same thing”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “I'm asking you to trust what you raised, ... I'm asking you to give me another chance to move this city forward.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Union concessions, there is no other way, ... You can't cut your structural costs without concessions.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Everybody knew where her house was. Everybody would walk past and point her out, ... She was an amazing individual.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Comparing me to putting the water department at jeopardy is like going to Iraq because Saddam had something to do with 911. That was a hell of a puzzle to put together,”
 Linda Kilpatrick - “We have four girls that are all in the same range point-wise. I'm very happy with that kind of contribution. Then, my bench has been playing really well down the stretch here.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “We cannot do enough to pay tribute to someone who has so positively impacted the lives of millions across the world, ... We think that this is a most appropriate tribute to such a wonderful human being who has changed all of our lives for the better.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Detroit's been the butt of a lot of jokes for 50 years. We want to introduce the world to the new Detroit.”
 Linda Kilpatrick - “We have to do it on the road from here on out. Defense wins championships. I've been saying that for 29 years and it's just as true now as it was back then.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “We made this city better, ... Even in the midst of the worst economy we've seen in 25 years. ... We've continued to move forward.”
 Judith Kilpatrick - “Toward the 1890s, you start seeing more lawyers who are homegrown. Still, for many years, they couldn't get training in the South.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “I think there were a lot of people out there who were upset with me for one reason or another,”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Just by a simple act of sitting down she stood up for so many people,”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “Its very upsetting, to my wife and I. These allegations area absolutely ridiculous. I cant wait for there to be an investigation into these allegations. A real investigation into these allegations, so people can move on.”
 Judith Kilpatrick - “For an ordinary, small-town lawyer, he accomplished incredible things. He reached heights one wouldn't expect of an African-American lawyer -- or any lawyer coming from his background. And these days, no one knows it.”
 Kwame Kilpatrick - “People got an opportunity to see the lack of depth that he has on any operational or fiscal issue, and that's what I wanted people to see,”
 Linda Kilpatrick - “That's been our story all season. We have four players averaging in double figures. One night it's one girl, the next night it's another.”

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