My Favorite Quotes
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 Shawn Kimple - “Take away three big plays and it's a very close ball game. The two big pass plays and the dropped punt changed things. But I'm happy with the progress we made and the heart we showed. I'm extremely happy with that.”
 Shawn Kimple - “It's a good time for somebody new. There will be a new stadium and maybe a new coach will spark more interest in the program.”
 Shawn Kimple - “We wanted to get the kids to love the sport of football. Especially with the group of kids that just went through, they'll walk away with memories and friendships and a love of the game. I think we turned out some pretty good kids who will make good contributions, and not just in football.”
 Shawn Kimple - “We have a few more mistakes to fix but if we come out and play like we did tonight, we have potentially three wins coming up.”
 Shawn Kimple - “We played great team defense. They got us for one big play which shouldn't have happened ... but the defense played exactly how we wanted them to. When we give up 14 points we expect to win.”
 Shawn Kimple - “They played hard. Offense and defense, they play hard. But you can't make mistakes and when you make too many and we made way too many any team can play with anybody. That's what happened.”
 Shawn Kimple - “They've got three nice-sized kids up front, they've running backs that run hard and the quarterback is a big threat. We're going to have to play good team defense because (Alexander) is going to make one or two people miss.”
 Shawn Kimple - “You can't take anything away from Harrisburg they have athletes, everybody knows that. If you miss the first tackle, you are going to be in trouble. They made some great plays, give them credit.”
 Shawn Kimple - “That's a tough question to answer. Most of our mistakes were on offense. They have the ability, it's just a matter of which team shows up.”