My Favorite Quotes
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 Louis Kincannon - “The needs and opportunities of the older generation will be a lot more important.”
 Louis Kincannon - “Today's older Americans are very different from their grandparents, living longer with lower rates of disability, with higher rates of education and garnering more wealth.”
 Louis Kincannon - “While we have tested certain parts of the plan, the dress rehearsal is our first opportunity to see how well all of the pieces fit together.”
 Louis Kincannon - “We believe the American Community Survey is the future, not only for the census bureau, but also for local leaders, businesses and growing communities.”
 Louis Kincannon - “The growth we see in Hispanic-owned businesses illustrates the changing fabric of American's business and industry. With Hispanic businesses among the fastest growing segments of our economy, this is a good indicator of how competitiveness is driving the American economy.”
 Louis Kincannon - “It's encouraging to see not just the number but the sales and receipts of black-owned businesses are growing at such a robust rate, confirming that these firms are among the fastest growing segments of our economy.”
 Louis Kincannon - “The social and economic implications of an aging population -- and of the baby boom in particular -- are likely to be profound for both individuals and society.”