My Favorite Quotes
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 Butch Kinerney - “Residents should not be worried that the flood insurance program is insolvent. Be assured, we're not going belly-up, and we're not going away.”
 Butch Kinerney - “To our knowledge, this is the first time a state has set aside housing or space for housing for future disasters.”
 Butch Kinerney - “You don't need to wait on us, and you don't need to wait on these maps. Rates are not going up for anyone in compliance. As long as you're in compliance now when you build your house, you'll always be in compliance.”
 Butch Kinerney - “People kind of get into a routine living in these hotels, and it's not necessarily a good routine. You're living in a hotel, so you don't have a washer or dryer, it's harder to get your kids registered in school. It's just harder to feel like you're not living a nomadic life.”
 Butch Kinerney - “This is a tremendous undertaking to try to get debit cards out with 2,000 on them to thousands of people. We've got plenty on hand, and we've got some more on order to make sure that everybody who is in the shelter down there that needs a card gets a card.”
 Butch Kinerney - “I think that certainly FEMA bent over backwards to try to make this very specialized request happen as quickly as possible. The most important thing is, there are 13 alleged bad characters off the streets.”
 Butch Kinerney - “This will open the door for short-term emergency needs as well as long-term recovery needs for all of those affected by the Texas wildfires during this very dangerous and tragic wildfire season.”
 Butch Kinerney - “We've bent over backward to reach out. We've gone door-to-door to all of the 25,000 hotel rooms no fewer than six times. And there are individuals who have refused to come to the door, refused to answer. There are people who have run when they saw us coming -- those are the ones that are now moving on.”
 Butch Kinerney - “The CDC has recommended that hunters shooting game birds use gloves to pick up the animals.”
 Butch Kinerney - “National Grid is still a few years off as far as widespread adoption. The feeling right now is that the National Grid is not something to push down on them until it gets more widespread acceptance.”