My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Kinnan - “That's quite an honor for Austin. Especially for a junior.”
 Joe Kinnan - “I don't know if I've ever been involved in a football game where we gave away so much so many times.”
 Joe Kinnan - “It doesn't matter what kind of offense a team is running. You have to have enough good athletes to match up. If all a team does is run and you can't stop the run, you are in trouble, and if all a team does is pass and you can't stop the pass, you're in trouble.”
 Harry Kinnan - “There will be wonderful opportunities to honor people.”
 Harry Kinnan - “That whole area is going to be developed in the next 10 or 15 years. Three or four years ago, we never thought we would need two new schools out there, but now every empty piece of property in Manatee is being developed.”
 Joe Kinnan - “It was almost like you have two jobs. You were a football coach, and you were a traveling salesmen. It got to be a pain during the season. Every night you were calling kids over and over.”
 Joe Kinnan - “They can get down low on the goal line, come off the ball pretty good and get a push up the middle.”
 Harry Kinnan - “It's an option being presented to us as a possibility to raise funds for capital outlay. I think it is too premature to know if it would apply to us. We have our sales tax and impact fee, but, obviously, we need to look at everything with the cost of construction going up.”
 Harry Kinnan - “We felt that we needed to formalize the process for naming schools. The community has an opportunity to be involved. I personally think it has worked extremely well. . . . I hope that future boards will continue to use the same format.”
 Harry Kinnan - “I would prefer to try to see us end when Christmas break comes.”
 Harry Kinnan - “We'd rather put the money into the school for the children than into some portables.”
 Joe Kinnan - “It wasn't unusual for a kid to sign a conference letter and still be recruited. Signing day was in March then, and if you signed a kid (to a conference letter), you had to baby-sit him to make sure he was still coming.”
 Joe Kinnan - “We can line him up over the center-guard gap in short yardage and let him attack without hindering his development as a center.”
 Joe Kinnan - “He's got a great work ethic, and he's not afraid of the work. He's got a good comprehension of the game.”
 Joe Kinnan - “He's a physical football player. When he hits you, he has the ability to roll his hips. He doesn't just hit you, he blocks you.”