My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Kinsaul - “The Burt girl is a great ball player. She can shoot the three, she can drive and she can dish off. She is a complete player.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “That is why we are a team. All year if somebody didn't have a good game, somebody else stepped up.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “It was part of our offense and she happened to get a good look at it. They were concentrating more on Katie. She stepped up and made a big shot.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “Katie is a special player. She deserves everything she gets in praise and honors because of all of the work she has put in, not just this year, but in her career. It is an honor to coach her. I have been blessed.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “It was just a feeling I had. It was a feeling, 'Hey now is the time to go to the 1-3-1.' It was not based off breaking down film and not based off seeing them. It was just a feeling I had.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “They got a lot of playing time and experience this year and that got them ready for game situations like this. They were big.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “Sometimes it falls for you and sometimes it doesn't, but luckily for us the ball bounced our way. We did survive, but at this time of year, like the NCAA Tournament, it is about surviving and advancing. That's what we did.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “The first thing I told the girls is they have the heart of a champion. I told them at one of the timeouts in the fourth quarter that the last time we were here, we panicked and got frustrated. I told them to learn from that and don't let it happen again. They did. They kept their head in it and that experience pulled us through.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “We have to rebound well as they will shot it a lot and we need to hold them to one shot as many times as possible. We have to be patient against the zone and also handle the press.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “She sees the floor so well. She is able to find the open person and make great passes which is where her assists come from. She always makes the right pass at the right time.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “In the post, they are not as big as we are, so we may have an advantage in size and that might make her go zone against us.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “It does feel different this year. We are much more prepared on what we will be facing and what it feels like to play in a state championship game.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “We were really concentrating on stopping the three. We were going to take our chances in overtime. We made the play to stop her at the end. We were very fortunate.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “I thought we played real well. They came out in a box on us and it took us a quarter to get adjusted to it, but once we did, we started playing well. Once again, we won with our defense.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “We didn't do anything different this game than last time. We just executed better on offense and played real good defense.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “Burt will get her 20-25 points, but if we can control the other four and keep them down, I feel we have a good chance.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “We work hard on our free throws. We end each practice with 10-15 minutes of free throws. I expect our girls to make the free throws. It is all about confidence.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “They have several players that compliment her.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “I don't care if they get five kids off the playground, they will play us tough over here. Chad is a great coach and I knew he would have them ready.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “It is hard to go undefeated, so we could benefit from it. Having the No. 1 ranking made everybody play us harder. We knew that, but now we realize it.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “We were not getting anything from our press to begin with, so I decided to change it up and to see if they could handle that. It proved to be the difference I believe.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “They can shoot the basketball. It's all five starters too and they are gonna shoot it. There would be no threat of the shot clock violation if we had one with this team. They will make two-three passes then shoot it.”
 Scott Kinsaul - “Last year we got ahead of ourselves and didn't control our emotions. We are focusing on the game and not what we are playing for. We are focusing on playing Sand Rock.”