My Favorite Quotes
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 Ian Kinsler - “This definitely happened faster than I thought.”
 Kevin Kinsler - “When he passed away in November of last year, I knew then that we'd do something to recognize him. We were just trying to wait for an opportunity in the season where a lot of people who knew J.J. could come out. A lot of people from Warner Robins remember when the Stephens boys played.”
 Ian Kinsler - “I mean, it's the same game, it just takes a little more concentration. I think I'm just kind of riding a little momentum right now. Hopefully I can ride it the rest of the year.”
 Kevin Kinsler - “I felt like that (fourth) inning when they scored three runs was just pitiful. We could have done a better job. I felt we played good defense most of the night. But in that one inning it cost us. We gave up three runs there and that's sort of been what's happened to us. We play good baseball but that one inning kills us.”
 Kevin Kinsler - “It's hard when you get beat as bad as we have a couple of times early in the season and keep a good attitude and good work ethic. These guys have worked even harder and are more determined to get through the problems we have.”
 Ian Kinsler - “I try to perform at the highest level every spring. It's a chance to prove yourself in front of the office and a chance to assert yourself in front of coaches with every club. This year is no different.”