My Favorite Quotes
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 Mel Kiper - “He's looked at as being light. But he definitely has the frame to add more weight.”
 Mel Kiper - “This kid is unique. If he was just a running back who had mediocre hands, then he wouldn't be the No. 1 pick. He's the No. 1 pick because he's a superlative runner.”
 Mel Kiper - “Every team isn't interested in the Super Bowl. You have 30 other teams with all their fans. The draft process affects all 32 teams. If you want to get to the Super Bowl, these are the days to do it.”
 Mel Kiper - “Historically running backs drop and you can get some bargains. Gerald Riggs Jr. I think would be a nice pick very late in the draft.”
 Mel Kiper - “I decided in my junior year that there was a market for this type of thing. I love the analytical and scouting aspect of it. Back in those days before full-fledged free agency, the draft was the only way a team could improve from one year to the next.”
 Mel Kiper - “I think this is a pretty good draft class overall. It's really shaping up that way because of the underclassmen. Usually, they're the key factor in whether a draft is good or not. It's very deep at a lot of positions.”
 Mel Kiper - “They've been aggressive with Andy Reid. Maybe they move up a couple of spots. I can't speak for them, but at 14 if they feel insecure at getting Justice at that point, then they could jump ahead of either Detroit or Minnesota.”
 Mel Kiper - “At one point in time, I thought he'd be a first-round pick. He's not productive enough, he's up and down, he flashes. He's got that huge frame. I put him in the second round to Oakland. Somebody in the second round is rolling the dice. If you ask me where he grades out, he doesn't grade out that high. Because you want that guy inside that makes more plays, makes more of an impact and maximizes that ability on a game-to-game basis. That's not a Gabe Watson. I'd say second round and a roll of the dice pick.”
 Mel Kiper - “He's very much like a Shannon Sharpe-type of player. When you look at his pass-catching ability, it's unbelievable. But now, blocking is something that he needs to develop.”