My Favorite Quotes
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 Miikka Kiprusoff - “I should really keep those loose pucks into myself. We didn't give them too much.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “We knew the Sharks are real hungry now hunting for a playoff spot so we knew it was going to be a tough game.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “It's been the same way all season. You just have to take one game at a time and can't look too far forward because every game is huge.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “They beat me a couple of times glove high, so you have to learn from that and be ready for the next shootout that comes for us. With two goals you should always win.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “There's no excuses. We had a chance to win today and we didn't do it. If you want to be a good team, you have to be able to win back-to-back games.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “They were shooting lots but I felt pretty good right from the start. There's been games when I had only one or two shots in a period but today was more and it's fun to have these kind of games once in a while.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “Pretty much sold out and a pretty decent game. Nothing wrong with that. It's fun to be back here and play. They didn't surprise me, I remember a couple of years ago.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “It was a lot of shots, but they have a few guys who can shoot the puck, especially on the power play.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “We knew they have a great power play. It was a good challenge for us and we did a great job tonight.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “I do it in the morning because I have no patience to wait to open them.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “It was important to get the right feeling. There was not much work to do, but a few times they broke in to the goal from the corners creating danger. I knew beforehand how the Czechs play, they don't fire that fast, rather they want to hold on to the puck.”
 Miikka Kiprusoff - “It is in the best interest of the Calgary Flames that I use this opportunity to ensure I am totally recovered for the NHL playoff drive. I have always been very proud to represent my country in international competition and I'm disappointed that I will not be joining them at the Olympics in Italy.”