My Favorite Quotes
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 Karch Kiraly - “There are so many new teams on the men's side, it's an exciting time. We're all getting a fresh start.”
 Karch Kiraly - “We match up better against Karch and Lambert than we do against Stein and Jake,'' said Rogers, an 11-year beach veteran who won his 11th title in his 23 championship match.”
 Karch Kiraly - “He aspires to qualify for Beijing, ... I'm too old, and my family is too far along for me to travel and play in international tournaments. This could be our last tournament together, but I'm hoping it won't be.”
 Karch Kiraly - “It's been a wonderful two years playing together, ... He's young and enthusiastic, and celebrates with good intensity. His youth reinvigorated me.”
 Karch Kiraly - “I've never heard of it being a challenge. Everybody wants to make the trip to Vegas.”
 Karch Kiraly - “He taught me where the shady side of the court is at the Outrigger, and the rainy side of the island,”
 Karch Kiraly - “It's just a blast to stay here. You can go to the pool in the morning and the afternoon. And a lot of our fans from Southern California are here.”