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 Scott Kirby - “Our systems are very highly tailored to what we do. You don't get any productivity gains from outsourcing.”
 Bob Kirby - “That game was big. There's so many teams packed up top (in the conference) and everybody's within a game of themselves. Last week we had moved down, we were in fifth. And now, with this, in two days we won two games and I think that moved us up to second.”
 Bob Kirby - “I was really pleased with Anderson's play against the big girl from Central. Chelsea really played aggressively both inside and out. What I like about Amanda is she is looking to shoot more. She is extremely talented but doesn't shoot enough.”
 Roy Kirby - “I'm always worried about them. I know they're coached well. Coach (Mike) Briggs is a good coach, and they have two former head coaches on that staff. They've got a couple of kids that the Shrine Bowl is looking at tailback and wide receiver, so you know they can put points on the board.”
 Tim Kirby - “I kept telling them if they ever got one, it would feel good. She was hot and she can take over a game. She was just catching and shooting.”
 Bill Kirby - “The second quarter at this point looks like it's going to come in, perhaps, at 1.5 to 2 percent (real GDP growth),”
 Bill Kirby - “The second quarter at this point looks like it's going to come in, perhaps, at 1.5 to 2 percent (real GDP growth).”
 David Kirby - “We're excited about how prosperous the coal industry has been and excited about having Steve Leer join us on Oct. 11 to speak at this very important annual function.”
 David Kirby - “The information was explosive and Mr Hall knew it,”
 Scott Kirby - “Today's announcement of lowered fares in our three eastern hubs is another step in combining consumer-friendly pricing with the reach and amenities of an international network.”
 Michael Kirby - “We are not convinced that a miscarriage of justice occurred in this case.”
 John Kirby - “Everybody was so excited they almost didn't know what to say. It has been very hard to find land.”
 William Kirby - “There is no question that Taiwan is a state in any political science definition of a state.”
 William Kirby - “The reform of state industry, and most directly related to that, the banking sector, is enormously daunting.”
 William Kirby - “The PRC is the big brother in this relationship, and it has the capacity to be generous to Taiwan on this issue in a manner that might do much to defuse that issue internally in Taiwan.”
 William Kirby - “The Chinese government since 1979 has been very successful in economic development, and successful enough, simply by surviving, in the realm of political development.”
 William Kirby - “Taiwan is a major economy.”
 William Kirby - “Now, I believe that war is never inevitable until it starts, but there has been a great proclivity in human history, and including in recent history, for war.”
 William Kirby - “East Asia has prospered since the end of the Vietnam War, and Northeast Asia has prospered since the end of the Korean War in a way that seems unimaginable when you think of the history of the first half of the century.”
 William Kirby - “But our main agenda is really to try to integrate the study of Asia here at Harvard and to play as positive a role as we can in this institution.”
 William Kirby - “And look at the mess that Russia is most Chinese don't want to follow that.”
 William Kirby - “A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China's international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese - Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese - American relations.”
 Robert Kirby - “The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get.”
 Jack Kirby - “Life at best is bittersweet.”
 Jack Kirby - “Perfectionists are their own devils.”

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