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 Andrei Kirilenko - “We stayed with our game. A couple of the previous games we were terrible, but tonight we did a terrific job. We were happy, we were moving and rolling.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “They fought us. They didn't give up. Zach Randolph was trying to win.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “We just concentrate the whole fourth quarter and you see how many field goals we let them score. We were very, very active.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “I think we are still playing part good and part bad, ... When we executed our offense, we got a lot of layups and when we didn't they just jumped on our backs and started firing from every part on the floor. They were killing us like in a shooting drill.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “It's great to win and I think we did a pretty good job, especially in the second half. We were being so focused and we didn't let them score at all.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “The ball was in Deng's hand. He tried to get the ball to the point guard but Devin deflected it.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “There were like three seconds before the shot-clock violation, and I thought he was gonna shoot and I'd have a chance to rebound the ball. But it surprised me. I tried to catch, but it was so fast it was tough.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Everyone knows that Mehmet can hit the 3, especially in crunch time. Lots of games, he hits the last shot.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “My game is a more all-around game. I want to do something good, especially in crunch time.”
 Maria Kirilenko - “I lost to her the last two times we played, and lost easily, so I really wanted to do something this time.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Having Jon on our side has made the team so much stronger. It has made us real contenders for the Euro title.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “We had a day off yesterday and I think everybody had a good day off and was ready for the game. For the most part I'm excited, especially to win the game.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “I'm trying to avoid it. We're going to leave it in the organization coaches, owners. We're the players. Our job, go on the floor and play the game.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “We had an opportunity to keep (the lead), but Dirk had a tremendous game and in the fourth quarter he just killed us.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “We found that streak, and we just started playing hard defensively. That's the difference we should play every night. We need to catch it.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Maybe it's that we don't need extra motivation against them. They're the best in the league, they won the championship two years ago and (are) playing like champions now. That just motivates us more.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Every time you should keep in your mind, they can run back, they can come back and that's what they did. I like that we didn't let up, we stayed with our game and won.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “We don't have a good chance (to make the playoffs), it's a bad chance. But we have a chance, which is good. We have to win a lot of games, but we still feel like we can do it.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “I think we did a pretty good job as a team tonight. Especially after those kind of tough nights, the Seattle (loss on Sunday) and the Orlando game, even though we got a 'W,' it was frustrating in the end.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Definitely Greg. He doesn't always say much, but people listen to him.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “It's not our job to discuss coaching positions, owners, what he thinks about coach (Sloan). Our job is to go on the floor and play the game, and if it's possible, bring a win.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “Of course, coach was mad and everyone understands. We can't play like this. I think we did a pretty good job of picking ourselves up in the second half.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “He's a legend of the Jazz. Same as John Stockton. They both did so much for the Jazz. So no comment on me right now. I'm not even close. I need to play 10 more years at least.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “It's so hard to play with a belt when you go a lot of minutes because your ribs start going in and it's hard to breathe sometimes.”
 Andrei Kirilenko - “All we tried to do, ... was just play on him involve him in any pick-and-roll, and let him do what he wants to do.”

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