My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Kirk - “I think we've beaten some strong teams and won some very good games. We've also lost some we should've won. I think it has been shown that we're young and inexperienced.”
 Alan Kirk - “Some games we haven't had everyone playing up to their capabilities. That's been shown, too.”
 Paul Kirk - “I will be a good benchmark for us. I have shuffled the deck and this game should give us a good idea of where we are,”
 Tara Kirk - “I've been swimming as hard as I can. Hopefully, this is going to be a good meet. It is certainly been the focus of my season.”
 Joe Kirk - “Even though we lost a lost of guys, I still think we can have a good season.”
 Van Kirk - “I think the concept is an interesting one, ... It allows these smaller companies to minimize their risk, which could spur some growth.”
 Alan Kirk - “You hate to say that they wanted it more than we did, but they're going to The Pit and we're not.”
 Van Kirk - “They're just being brutally honest with us, which is what we want, ... At this point, we'd just like to look at all of the information.”
 Dennis Kirk - “There are all different titles to deal with truancy. There are different responsibilities and certifications that an individual can have.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “When I go to M Bar there's all kinds of agents there, looking for people who doing good stuff.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “It's nice that the independent scene is taken seriously, and has been.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “It is so weird to be on this side of that, because when you're starting out, and it seems like you're starting out for so long, you look up to the people who have made their mark. And you sort of want to be that.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “I'm about to go to Sundance for my 3rd year, and Sundance has never felt like a real independent festival at all. On the other hand, it might to start feel that way.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “I think that cable TV is a great venue to do something interesting.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “I think people might think I've gotten a little more serious, but I just don't think that's true. I sort of always liked the same stuff.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “I can't really say how big the cult is. But I'm proud of it. I'm proud that it has a life.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “I actually think there's a potential, a crazy potential, that network TV could become something valuable and worthwhile, just because of fear on the part of the networks.”
 Bob Odenkirk - “David and I got cut out the editing process on that. We were able to affect it more than not. We sent in our notes, we were able to see cuts. We weren't allowed to see dailies and we weren't allowed to sit in the editing room and just work.”
 Tommy Kirk - “I'm not ashamed of being gay, never have been and never will be. For that I have no apologies.”
 Tommy Kirk - “I want to be remembered for Swiss Family Robinson and Old Yeller. I think Swiss is probably my favorite film.”
 Tommy Kirk - “Eventually I became involved with somebody, and I was fired.”
 Kathy Kirk - “I thought the Dalmatian was perfect.”
 Guy Kirk - “Our findings suggest the soil part of the equation is scarier than we had thought. The consequence is that there is more urgency about doing something.”
 John Buskirk - “They do a great job executing the run. It's their bread and butter. We hoped that we could slow it down. I thought we did a pretty good job, I know they rushed for a lot. But I thought we were decently effective at slowing down the run. They're a great running football team.”
 Tommy Kirk - “I knew I was gay, but I had no outlet for my feelings. It was very hard to meet people and, at that time, there was no place to go to socialize.”

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