My Favorite Quotes
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 Armein Kirkland - “I feel better. I've come to realize that it's not the end of the world. It's a bump in the road I'm still going to reach my goals.”
 David Kirkland - “Both teams did a good job of stopping the run.”
 Rick Kirkland - “Interest in extending the service life of the world's P-3 and CP-140 fleet has increased as a result of the P-3 Structural Life Assessment Program (SLAP). With many of the P-3 aircraft in operation now reaching their service life limits sooner than expected, and with no affordable replacement maritime patrol aircraft available, a service life extension is the only way for nations to maintain this vital operational capability.”
 Sally Kirkland - “When I was growing up watching Marilyn Monroe, I learned that you can be very beautiful, very glamorous and very vulnerable and not give up your soul just because you were a movie star.”
 Sally Kirkland - “The only thing that I could think of to do was to be an actress.”
 Sally Kirkland - “So, I think that Marilyn, what she gave the world, and in many ways Kennedy too, was that they had dreams and they didn't allow anybody to take away their dreams.”
 Sally Kirkland - “My favorite actresses were Geraldine Paige, Anne Bancroft and Kim Stanley.”
 Sally Kirkland - “My activism and sexual revolution in New York was a factor.”
 Sally Kirkland - “In the case of Marilyn and John Kennedy, I think they did affect change.”
 Sally Kirkland - “I think that souls agree to come in and do what they're going to do and then leave when they're going to leave. So there's nothing tragic when a soul leaves. I think it was already preordained.”
 Sally Kirkland - “I taught Sandra Bullock when no one knew who she was. I talked her out of quitting. I put her in a showcase.”
 Sally Kirkland - “I certainly was one of the instigators in the 1960s of freedom of expression.”
 Sally Kirkland - “Everyone should have a moment with Ron Howard in their life to give you faith in our industry.”
 Armein Kirkland - “I told them they weren't playing up to the standard I thought they should be playing at. When I was playing, it's not like I did everything for the team. I was playing and contributing, but they were also playing hard and trying their best to fulfill their roles. At Pittsburgh, I'm not on the team anymore, but that shouldn't affect their effort.”
 Cheryl Kirkland - “These girls have been underdogs all year. They had to play Flag like this, and they stayed focused doing their job. That's what made them successful today.”
 Armein Kirkland - “He yelled at me the most. We clashed because he thought I could contribute the most. I appreciate everything he did. At the same time, Coach Kennedy is doing a great job. He has a lot to prove. He might not be here next year, so there's a lot of weight on his shoulders and me and the rest of the guys understand that. I've got a career after this -- and the same with coach Kennedy.”
 Armein Kirkland - “Anytime something happens in practice, I keep expecting to hear coach's voice correcting us. The older guys are almost trained to look over our shoulder. His presence will be missed.”
 Armein Kirkland - “Anytime something happens in practice, I keep expecting to hear coach's voice correcting us, ... The older guys are almost trained to look over our shoulder. His presence will be missed.”
 Sally Kirkland - “I always told, Sandra Bullock was my student when she was younger, I always told her it's important that we hold on to our insecurity, the wisdom of insecurity.”
 Sally Kirkland - “In Europe you can be Sophia, you can be these older women who are considered very sexy.”
 Lane Kirkland - “There are two kinds of people in the labor movement women and people who like women,”
 Lane Kirkland - “If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves”
 Lane Kirkland - “To hear the Japanese plead for free trade is like hearing the word love on the lips of a harlot.”
 Armein Kirkland - “My talent and work ethic will get me there.”
 David Kirkland - “These past few weeks, we've worked on McKenzie. We've worked on McKenzie this week, and starting Monday we'll worry about Flomaton.”

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