My Favorite Quotes
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 Philip Kirschner - “On the state level some of the industries that New Jersey has been particularly strong in, such as pharmaceuticals and telecommunications, are the very industries that have suffered some real downturns in the last year or so. It's costing jobs, and good jobs. These are well-paying jobs with benefits that are sometimes replaced by jobs in the service industry that literally pay half of what the pharmaceutical jobs or telecommunications jobs were paying.”
 Philip Kirschner - “He has brought leadership and integrity to the office of governor at a time it was sorely needed. He connected with the public in a way few people in public office do.”
 Philip Kirschner - “My mom's aide is very dedicated to my mom. But I don't know about tomorrow.”
 Philip Kirschner - “But I don't know about tomorrow.”
 Philip Kirschner - “If it takes a year or two longer to get a shovel in the ground to build in New Jersey than in Pennsylvania you miss a whole job cycle.”
 Philip Kirschner - “It brings New Jersey in more of the mainstream of other states in terms of our tax policy. Two taxes where New Jersey stood out like a sore thumb in taxing its businesses, where no other state did the same, will now be eliminated.”
 Philip Kirschner - “It seems like consumer demand goes up and goes down. It does not track up and up each month, which would give employers confidence they can hire workers and have the work to sustain them.”
 Philip Kirschner - “I think what a lot of businesspeople are looking at is help with their day-to-day problems the day-to-day cost of health care, compliance costs, energy costs and the long time it takes to get permits and licenses. These are the day-to-day things that hurt the state's competitiveness.”
 Clay Kirschner - “My roots are in entertainment. I've been out on the road, and I know the business.”
 Philip Kirschner - “You have a governor with a business background and he understands a vibrant business community is necessary to create jobs. If he follows through on all of that I think it will have almost an immediate positive effect.”
 Philip Kirschner - “You never know until you see a lot of meat added to the bones of what was talked about during the campaign. But, I think what has energized business people here in New Jersey for the first time in I think 60 or 70 years is you have a governor who has a business background.”