My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Kish - “He may have bumped his head on the way out. It's tough to say. I wish I knew.”
 Jeff Kish - “The past three weeks have been a living hell for us. I just wish my brother was back with me.”
 Bryan Kish - “We kept trying to find stable members. We went through a lot of member and style changes, but every time we added a stable member we would do a long line of shows.”
 Bryan Kish - “A lot of our fans got turned away that night.”
 John Kish - “Our goal is to provide up to 16,000 rural business centers in India. We (are) figuring out if it's possible to bring together partners to provide digital-inclusion devices where people will use them.”
 Jeff Kish - “I thought he was just outside smoking and talking on the phone like he normally does. He probably just lost his balance and fell overboard.”
 Bryan Kish - “The English major background is mostly helpful. But sometimes because of the amount of criticism and analysis that we do in class, it is detrimental because of how critical we are with our own work.”
 John Kish - “They are prepared to move into the facility. We're negotiating all the details about what space they need and those sorts of things but when they signed the airline agreement in 2001, they approved moving forward.”