My Favorite Quotes
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 Adi Kishore - “The problem of piracy of digital screeners has been going on for a while and is a growing trend. Originally, the industry did not take the problem seriously, however.”
 Adi Kishore - “This will mean that they cannot imagine life without consumer-electronics devices.”
 Adi Kishore - “There are incentives, but in the U.S. -- with 85 percent of people subscribing to paid TV services -- it's hard to see direct over-the-air TV service having much impact in the future.”
 Adi Kishore - “This maps onto Yankee Group research. We, too, have found that men are heavier users of these technologies than women, and better educated people tend to have more consumer-electronic devices than other segments.”
 Aditya Kishore - “More important is the opportunity to up-sell Comcast high-speed Internet access. You're getting this subscriber base to bring their own access, and Comcast can sell them cable-modem service pretty aggressively.”
 Aditya Kishore - “It's an ad model that's very much in evolution. There's a need for some kind of structure in this space.”
 Adi Kishore - “At a minimum, you need to have a dataset that is easily comparable with traditional media.”
 Aditya Kishore - “For companies like Disney and Viacom that don't have a distribution arm, using the Internet provides a way to have a direct relationship with the consumer. You eliminate the middleman.”
 Adi Kishore - “Integration is a formidable challenge. It's not so much a question of any individual player or a particular product it's just a matter of whether they can dance together.”
 Aditya Kishore - “Cable operators all around the country are trying to migrate their customers to digital so eventually . . . they can reclaim some of that analog bandwidth.”
 Aditya Kishore - “They Comcast control the network, and so there is a service quality that they can ensure. From their perspective, it is worth the premium price, and arguably it is.”
 Adi Kishore - “The biggest threat to Lifetime is keeping content interesting for different generations. They are catering to a whole new generation with new programming, and that can hurt Lifetime.”
 Adi Kishore - “Manufacturers are concentrating on devices that deliver broadband content both to the home and for portable use.”
 Adi Kishore - “Microsoft is a very good software company. They are not a distribution company or a content-creation company. NBC is better at television.”
 Adi Kishore - “It underscores how critical it is to have scale in this business.”
 Adi Kishore - “The media business is increasingly difficult to compete in effectively if you're not a media conglomerate. They've taken it as far as they can and it's time to move on.”