My Favorite Quotes
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 Hayley Kissel - “It's definitely an issue that could hurt their earnings outlook in the second half of the year. The industry has been trying to migrate toward more interactive products.”
 Hayley Kissel - “They're certainly on the list of the top five brands in the toy industry, up in the ranks with a Barbie or Monopoly.”
 Hayley Kissel - “Lego has done some intelligent things with licensing in the past year. But they're just catching up.”
 Richard Kissel - “The renderings for the first time give us a look at what these creatures looked like and how they moved.”
 Richard Kissel - “A lot of people don't know that Chicago actually sits on an ancient reef. Most of Chicago was under water until 340 million years ago.”
 Richard Kissel - “At the end of the day, you can't force somebody to accept evolution. We wouldn't want to do that. But hopefully they'll understand science is a very rigorous process, it's a very demanding process, where we test these theories day in and day out, and evolution is one that has held up for 100 years.”
 William Kissel - “People don't verbalize things like this. The e-mail speaks for itself.”
 Richard Kissel - “Evolution is a process. As long as there's life on the planet, it can't not happen.”
 Hayley Kissel - “Do you know last night in bed I could actually see myself pummeling him to death and just enjoying the sensation of each and every shot and then this morning as I pulled out of the garage ... all I wanted to do was crash into his two Ferraris.”
 William Kissel - “Who would do a thing like this so brutally Somebody had to be very angry at him. If somebody just wanted to kill him, they had to put a bullet in the head, not tie him up and stab him to death with a shirt over his head.”
 Richard Kissel - “We wanted it to be a well-paced journey through time and have it be as comprehensive as possible. I'm confident this is the most comprehensive look at the evolution of life on Earth in the country, if not the world.”
 Richard Kissel - “By conservative estimates, we're losing one species every 15 minutes. We don't have a really good handle on what species are out there yet, let alone what is out there on the brink of extinction.”
 William Kissel - “Janie was hysterical but she has five children in her care.”
 William Kissel - “I haven't read the Book of Job yet, but I'm about to.”
 Hayley Kissel - “I am ok. He is just such an awful awful pathetic person. I just (expletive) hate him, his I am the king attitude, his value system (or lack thereof), his anger, his meanness. I JUST HATE HIM”