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 Will Kitchen - “It gets mentioned all throughout the year. Everybody wants to know when those BBC games are. All day at school everybody's telling me, 'I want 30 points or 50 points.' Everybody is looking forward to it.”
 Mike Kitchen - “You can't help but follow his work ethic. He'll give you everything he has.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He had such a good reads. He would give a person ice and then just take it away. All the passes he used to intercept, he would give that pass and then he'd take it away. That's a real knack in itself.”
 Mike Kitchen - “Our power play struggled. It didn't give us any momentum at all.”
 Mike Kitchen - “The offense was there. Four goals is enough to win. We just made a few errors we shouldn't have made.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We scored enough goals, we should win the game. We made a couple of errors there that ended up in the back of our net.”
 Mike Kitchen - “It changes the whole look of your team when he's out there in practice. He's still scoring goals with a bad hand, so it would be nice to welcome him back into the lineup.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He's probably looking at ... in a full year ... probably getting 20-25 goals.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He played very well in the tournament and was a big part of the tournament. That doesn't happen very often when you get to win a gold medal in the Olympics.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I don't have any explanation for it at all. You think you'd build off a good game and a win, but ... I don't know why that happens. We're not strong in that area, where we can just keep building and moving forward.”
 Mike Kitchen - “You don't want to aggravate (the hand). It's just a matter of letting it settle down. I think he'll be fine. He seems pretty confident (about playing Sunday). I can't say for sure because it's a day-to-day thing.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We keep saying that the young guys are chipping and the veterans are doing a terrific job. Maybe some teams are underestimating us a little bit ... they know we're out of the playoffs, they keep hearing about all the trades that are supposed to happen, and maybe they don't get up as much. I don't know, but our team is doing a strong job.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I think he had a very strong game. In the American (Hockey) League, he plays like that. We're trying to push him that way. I think he's nervous. He has to feel like he belongs here.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I hope the momentum comes back and we're able to establish to where we were, because we were playing pretty well as a team the last 15 or 16 games. We've had some terrific practices here.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We know what to expect from Scott and he knows what to expect from us. We hope he comes back the way he left.”
 Mike Kitchen - “You hope to get it to overtime. But you know, there's lessons to be learned there. ... Their best players were their best players.”
 Mike Kitchen - “It was a pretty questionable call. Those kinds of calls are the things, I think, hurt the game.”
 Mike Kitchen - “That's a pretty questionable call, but they were making those calls kind of all game. Those kinds of calls are the things I think hurt the game. Not just that one, there were others, one that even Colorado took, too.”
 Mike Kitchen - “A shootout's a shootout. We're going from a terrific team game into an individual thing. I guess that's what the fans want. But it's a little disheartening. The guys played hard for 65 minutes and then you lose in a shootout.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I think when we started the season, there was a big adjustment for him. Then he adapted very quickly and came along really well, which was good to see because we needed that veteran leadership back on the blue line. I've been pleased with how he's played.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We played hard, I thought we had good effort.”
 Mike Kitchen - “To win a hockey game on something like that, that's a real tough break. I thought we had a terrific effort tonight and we deserved a little bit better fate.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We had the lead going into the third period, and we gave up two goals. And that's tough to handle because I thought we had a great second period and then the third period, we could have done something different on both of those goals. That was disappointing.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I thought we had such a strong game in Detroit and I thought it was going to be a real building block for us moving forward. That hasn't happened.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I think McAmmond has stepped in and played pretty well at center. I wouldn't have thought that earlier on in the year ... because I've known Dean as strictly a left winger. I've got to give him marks.”

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