My Favorite Quotes
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 Bryant Kitty - “He wanted the ball, and the team wanted to give him the ball. He struggled a little in the first couple of innings, but he did a great job of throwing first-pitch strikes, and that's half the battle. He was all guts and glory.”
 Bryant Kitty - “I have no idea what team it was to be honest with you. There's really no consistency, no heart.”
 Bryant Kitty - “He's a great kid. You figure after you saw him once you would be OK, but we saw him for an additional five innings and still had a hard time figuring him out.”
 Bryant Kitty - “We just want to be consistent. We can accept a loss if we get beaten by a better team, but we've been giving away too many games, especially in the region.”
 Bryant Kitty - “We talked about this game being like a boxing match. A boxing match can go 12 or 15 rounds. We wanted to play seven innings of baseball tonight.”
 Bryant Kitty - “It's asking a lot of these freshmen to be asked to step up and play in a varsity game, but we have a lot of confidence in their ability.”