My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Kivisto - “We're going to be young this season. We've got talent and potential, but we just need to play some games to see where we're at and learn what we need to do.”
 Jim Kivisto - “We really need to get some games in.”
 Jim Kivisto - “We saw some good hitters. They really hit the ball hard, but a lot of them were older. We started four freshmen and three sophomores. We're young, but we have a lot of potential. It just remains to be seen how far these girls can come along.”
 Jim Kivisto - “It's great to see our bats come around. We really hit the ball well today against a decent pitcher.”
 Jim Kivisto - “We were playing some of the best big schools in Michigan, and except for a few errors, we really played OK. When you make an error against a good team, they make you pay for it. We learned some good lessons.”
 Jim Kivisto - “She'll be one of the top pitchers around. No doubt about that. This will be her third year starting on the mound for us.”
 Jim Kivisto - “It was a typical Bird game. No walks again. That's key.”