My Favorite Quotes
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 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I don't want to take anything away from them, because they put together a great effort. You definitely respect them as a school and as a team, but just from watching them on film, we thought there were definitely some things we could accomplish as far as getting sacks and getting in the quarterback's face.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “Honestly, we thought it was unfortunate, but it didn't change the mind-set of the team. I think it'd take a little away from the game and from them if we came out and played soft or anything just to cater to them, so it didn't change our mind-set at all.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “No regrets. Absolutely, no regrets. I had an amazing time here, and it was everything that I wanted. I had a lot of positive things happen on and off the field this year, so I feel like, if I had to do it over again, I'd definitely come back.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “Upholding my family tradition is extremely important not just for me, but everyone in my family.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I'm confident that I'll be back by Virginia Tech. I'm definitely going to push to be on the field. But there's no fighting with the head man. ... He obviously has the last say. I trust his judgment.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “We'll just treat it as a normal road game.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “It became very apparent this was an away game for us at the banquet last night. I've played in some pretty hostile environments ... and a lot of things that have gone on in my career have helped prepared us for the game.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “As far as motivation goes, if we didn't have it before two days ago, we definitely found it. I think that had a lot to do with why we came out so strong.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I definitely want to come out and play strong every time. Not to make them out to be something they're not, but last year they came out and played us pretty tough, and so I just wanted to come out and do the best that I could.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I just said Someone had to make a play, someone had to step up,' and someone did.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I was waiting throughout the whole draft and knew somebody would take me, I just didn't know who. When it got to that point, I was surprised that the Giants took me, but I wasn't surprised that I went.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “I went from the scout team to (team) captain as a junior. Anyone who takes me is going to get someone willing to work hard, put the whole attitude thing aside, and work hard to win the game.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “The guys who left BC and went in the draft, they all say the same thing You'll never have any idea until your name is called or until you get that phone call. Some guys told me they wound up getting the phone call and then the team wound up doing something else. I'm not going to pay attention to any of it. Once my name is called, then I'll know.”
 Mathias Kiwanuka - “It's fun. It's one of those games that will test your ability. I was watching that '60 Minutes' piece about Michael Jordan. And I understood what he was saying about wanting to go out on a limb, and then you want to win. . . . You've done everything you can in your career to prepare yourself to play in games like this. This is where you want to be.”