My Favorite Quotes
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 Mayor Klanderud - “What I'm interested in is why there was such little voter interest in this runoff.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “I don't believe there is an emergency. I believe there are perceptions of an emergency. I believe this emergency ordinance is not necessary at this time.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “Potentially, they could happen at the same time. That's a major impact.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “Such is the nature of emergency ordinances.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “Clearly we've seen congestion as we haven't seen it before. The main concern is the length of time it's taking RFTA buses to get out of town.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “I don't fault anyone who's a neighbor for being here and protecting what's important to them. But the entire community is the beneficiary of what we approve at this table.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “I love the X Games, Aspen loves the X Games and it's a great event for this community. It really takes us into the future.”
 Mayor Klanderud - “Every time we have one of these, the community gets polarized, which is why we want to bring it to the community to get direction.”