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 Jack Nicklaus - “It's a matter of scoring goals and a matter of knowing it's going to happen,”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I think they've ruined it from a tournament standpoint. They've totally eliminated what (Masters creator) Bobby Jones tried to do in the game of golf.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “It's hard not to play golf that's up to”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I'm sure he's far more disappointed in his golf than he is his health.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “That whole last nine holes wasn't too bad. That was a nice two-hour moment. I think a lot of what it is, there was an old guy out there playing golf who wasn't supposed to compete anymore. And in his own mind, too.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I may not captain another team, and I may not play another competitive round of golf, ... If that's the way it is, this is a pretty good way to end it.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “It's a major championship in the game of golf, ... But is it one of the ones that you want to put in that list Because of Jones is the only way you would put it there. I accept it either way.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I really enjoy doing something that's going to be here far beyond my golf game or lifetime,”
 Jack Nicklaus - “It feels a lot better to have a win. I may never captain another team. I may never play another round of golf. If I end my career this way, what a way to end it.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “They should have their own golf game in their heads. They can't do anything about Tiger.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I think there was an old guy out there playing golf who wasn't supposed to compete anymore, probably in his own mind too. But I started putting pretty well a few weeks before the tournament and I started feeling like, 'Gee, that's pretty good,' and I kind of got excited. I made a lot of putts.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “Top-performing equipment makes a big difference on the golf course and at home. That's why we use Lawn-Boy.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I finished tournament golf basically last week,”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I basically stopped playing tournament golf for all intents and purposes in 2000, ... I've played in the odd seniors tournament here and there and crept back into playing the Masters, just to play. I've always kept playing the Memorial Tournament. As host of the tournament you sort of feel like you should play. But then I don't want to clutter up the field.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “Bobby Jones believed golf was primarily a second-shot game.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “They've totally eliminated what Bobby Jones tried to do in the game of golf. Bobby Jones believed golf was primarily a second-shot game.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “They're going to tinker with it until they get it right. I'm sure they're as frustrated there as I am designing my golf courses ... They're doing the best they can.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I think that bogey might have been good for me, because it put me back, brought me back to reality that I really had to still play golf. I wasn't really in contention. It sort of got me in contention again.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I guess that's why they call it Hell.”
 Vaclav Klaus - “it is such a delicate part of Czech history that it cannot be done without consensus on it in the Czech Republic.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “That was quite an honor for me,”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I remember in '98, Greg Norman had gone to International captain Peter Thomson and asked him specifically not to play him against Tiger. He'd been hurt earlier in the year, and so on, and just didn't want to play him,”
 Jack Nicklaus - “which is pretty unusual so soon after this type of injury.”
 Jack Nicklaus - “I would say that the International Team would be the favorite this week. I don't think there's any question about that coming into this event.”
 Vaclav Klaus - “We served on the editorial board of a literary monthly called Face in 1968 and 1969. He was a young writer, and I was also interested in broad cultural issues. We agreed on all major issues and became friends.”

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