My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Klayman - “Importantly, the Clinton-Gore White House has 20 days to produce these documents.”
 Debra Klayman - “We thought life without parole would be enough. We didn't want to be the judge of someone else's life. We wanted God to do that.”
 Debra Klayman - “We thought that life imprisonment without the possibility of parole was enough. We didn't want to be the judge about somebody else's life. We wanted God to be the judge.”
 Larry Klayman - “Vice President Cheney broke the law.”
 Gregg Klayman - “That cuts the amount of time researching. You no longer have to worry about who's starting, who's hurt -- all the questions that, honestly, people don't have time to follow.”
 Larry Klayman - “And after Mr. Stephanopoulos made the statement, he had a series ofdiscussions ... not just with Mr. Paul Begala, but with Rahm Emanuel, Ann Lewis, Mike McCurry and yes, Sid Blumenthal, ... Begala, James Carville, all of them were in contact with each other ... a flurry of communications over Mr. Stephanopoulos' statement. We've asked to depose these people. And not unexpectedly, the government has yet ... once again ... come in to try to block the depositions.”
 Larry Klayman - “In the ballet world, obviously, people are small-breasted. On Broadway, what happened should be an attribute.”
 Gregg Klayman - “On Monday, your lineup is set in stone. You can make a pickup any day, but it won't show up in your lineup until the following Monday.”
 Larry Klayman - “By historical definition, the Ellen Rometsch strategy is the use of FBI files by J. Edgar Hoover, ... Judicial Watch and others believe that this is the Clinton Administration's last line of defense to its scandals, to smear people, to scare people, to make sure than they can hold on to power.”
 Debra Klayman - “They could have not brought in Tony Harwood or Belinda to the stand and we still could have made the decision without them.”
 Larry Klayman - “will now allow Reno to claim she is doing a vigorous investigation of campaign financing, when in reality Judicial Watch's public depositions show she is not. Not even John Huang's secretary has been questioned by Justice investigators nor has any other Commerce official. Commerce is at the center of the Clinton Administration's illegal fund-raising. In short, the plea agreements are sadly predictable.”
 Larry Klayman - “Whether it is the Enron, Arthur Andersen, Global Crossing, or now the Halliburton and Harken scandals, there is a dangerous intersection between politicians of all stripes, Democrat and Republican, attempting to feed at the trough of business greed,”
 Gregg Klayman - “An official Fantasy Opening Day creates a great deal of excitement for the many fans that have been itching to put together their teams for 2006. It also creates a buzz that motivates new fans to take an interest in playing Fantasy baseball and getting more involved in our national pastime.”
 Gregg Klayman - “A lot of people are scared off from fantasy baseball because they think it's strictly for stats geeks. It's hurt the growth. It should have grown at the same rate. We want to change that perception.”
 Larry Klayman - “Ultimately, we may want to see all the ballots because we want to count them,”
 Larry Klayman - “The plea agreement negotiated by Janet Reno's Justice Department with Nora, Gene and Trisha Lum is a hoax. It allows two key players in the campaign finance scandal to plead to lesser offenses and effectively concludes a serious investigation that, if taken to a conclusion, could have seriously affected the Clinton Administration's claim that it committed no illegalities in the campaign finance scandal. Nora Lum was a close confidant of Ron Brown and remains close to John Huang. Trisha Lum, her daughter, worked for Brown at the Commerce Department and worked on trade missions.”
 Larry Klayman - “The American people deserve full disclosure, and that way, they will be able to judge for themselves whether anything untoward was going on between these energy companies and the Bush-Cheney administration.”