My Favorite Quotes
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 Carol Kleiman - “It is absolutely the 21st century, maybe the 22nd. They are so smart to know that they can't just send you home and say, 'Go produce,' that you have to know what to do, that you have to know how to be safe, that you have to have a babysitter.”
 Carol Kleiman - “One of the most frustrating -- even humiliating -- things that can happen to job seekers is not to hear one word back from the potential employer after an in-person interview. And it seems to be happening a lot these days.”
 Gil Kleiman - “I tend not to believe what the terrorists say. In the last 3.5 years there's never been a successful suicide bombing coming out of Gaza.”
 Carol Kleiman - “The negatives are you are not seen on a daily basis by the people who can promote you, who can give you good deals, who can give you those references in person just because they happen to see you.”
 Gil Kleiman - “It's not so much the size of the explosion, it's the fragment metal pieces Nails that are added to the explosion cause the damage. The object is not to blow up the building, it's to kill people,”
 Gil Kleiman - “I got emotional help and support from my wife and friends. But the physical help had to come from a doctor - from a mental health professional.”
 Carol Kleiman - “If you're a hard-working, flexible, task-oriented computer type with overseas experience, go to the front of the line.”
 Gil Kleiman - “We're not clear that there's any connection (to Tuesday's attacks). We know there's an intent by the terrorist organizations to carry out terrorist bombings and terrorist attacks.”
 Gil Kleiman - “The army and police force give their officers flak jackets, but their souls are ripped apart with no protection whatsoever. The help does not come from the establishment but from private places.”
 Gil Kleiman - “What we know now from our initial police investigation is that the suicide bomber made some attempt to disguise his appearance. From what we saw from our forensics team ... is that he bleached his hair,”
 Carol Kleiman - “There are eight words or references that light up employers' eyes languages, computer, experience, achievement, hard-working, overseas experience, flexible, and task-oriented.”