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 Matt Kleinschmit - “The labels really want to be able to boost up the price for downloads on new releases. The question is, are we at a time now that we want to experiment with variable pricing”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “It's a part of them ramping up and getting to an economy of scale where they can actually make money.”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “What it comes down to is it really is a love-hate relationship. Certainly, would the labels like to have more control over pricing Absolutely. Would they like to have more influence on format availability Absolutely.”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “In many cases, these broader download offerings have just entered the market, yet we are already seeing leading-edge mobile users beginning to experiment with them, ... This suggests that users may be increasingly seeking mobile entertainment content options beyond just music-related offerings, and points to the potential for broader multimedia-related services that could be offered from a variety of distribution partners.”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “It is a first. It will be interesting to see whether or not folks pay for this content.”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “The power balance at this point is probably still going to be on the side of Steve Jobs and Apple.”
 Matt Kleinschmit - “Merchants, retailers and card issuers alike could benefit from increased consumer access to this type of transaction, as consumers appear to be increasingly willing to use credit or debit cards in small payment purchases for a variety of items.”