My Favorite Quotes
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 Charlie Kleman - “We are going to have 1,100 employees all trying to get to work at the same time and I just don't know how that is going to happen.”
 Mark Winkleman - “I am sure citizens have been puzzled for years as to why this large parcel in the center of Phoenix remained vacant. I am pleased that the Land Department was finally able to put this property to productive use. The aggressive bidding showed that marketplace was anxious to develop this state trust land.”
 Charlie Kleman - “We aren't sure we want to dive into this right now if we can't get our people to the site. Maybe we should just hold out for a couple of more years and see what happens with the roads.”
 Mark Winkleman - “Superstition Vistas sits out there vacant, not because there aren't buyers for it, but because we can't plan it. We don't have the money. Our inability to plan the land has caused development to leap over it. That's not supposed to happen.”