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 Kevin Klette - “We came out so slow and so relaxed I think finally it got to a few of the guys. We finally figured out that if we keep playing like this, we're going to lose the game. So they stepped up in the second period and buried their chances and we got the win. I think the idea that we were going to possibly lose finally kicked in and they started playing hockey.”
 Kevin Klette - “We came out flying tonight. The most important thing, which we've been doing a much better job with, was staying away from penalties. If we play good, smart hockey and stay out of the penalty box, we're going to win.”
 Kevin Klette - “He had a great game. He didn't have his best game in game one, and gave up four goals, but he had one of the best games I've seen in a long time today.”
 Kevin Klette - “This series is far from over. We have things to work on and we will be ready to go Sunday night. We need to get refocused and believe that we can win two games in a row.”
 Kevin Klette - “Our defense was big tonight. With Mitch out we only had three or four guys rotating on defense all night. They really poured their heart and soul into this game tonight.”
 Kevin Klette - “We did not play our neutral zone very well tonight. We need to work on our passing in that area and we need to work on rebounds. Alton does a great job scoring off rebounds and we need to crash the net like they did tonight.”
 Kevin Klette - “Our forwards were out of position and our defenders were in the middle of the ice and we got beat. It wasn't pretty.”
 Kevin Klette - “They play hard, but they play dirty, too. You have to give those kids credit for how hard they play the game, but they make a lot of dirty plays out there and they made some more tonight.”
 Kevin Klette - “I'm just as surprised as anyone. I about had a heart attack on the bench. It was amazing. Now we're moving on to the championship. It's unbelievable.”
 Kevin Klette - “They are a great team. I've said all season that they are tough to beat. And they showed why tonight. They attack the net, skate hard and get a lot of shots and that's how they win games. They're an excellent team.”