My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Klindt - “Mark Baker is a good friend and trusted adviser of the senator. He and the senator have traveled the state and they both understand the diverse nature of the state and its people. Mark's family is just one of the many Montana families the senator is fighting on behalf of.”
 Jason Klindt - “His seniority and seat on the Appropriations Committee gives him a direct hand in almost every federal dollar that comes back to Montana.”
 Jason Klindt - “It would allow millions of small businesses and individuals nationally to own their own health care. Contrast this with Jon Tester, who would raise taxes and give bureaucrats more control over our lives.”
 Jason Klindt - “They have broken the law by not reporting who is paying for the barrage of negative attacks they have subjected Montanans to. Did they rob a bank, did they find it under a tree or are East Coast liberals trying to buy a Senate seat It is time for the Democrats to tell the truth.”
 Jason Klindt - “The Democratic Party has sunk to a new low with a false, personal attack against his family. It's gutter politics, and it has no place in Montana.”