My Favorite Quotes
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 Sean Kline - “They always play us harder. It always seems like they come out and give us a game, regardless of the way the rest of the season is going.”
 Steve Kline - “We cannot medicate ourselves, legally or illegally, to a state of wellness and happiness - God knows we've tried, ... Speaking of God, if he doesn't exist, we blessed better well invent her.”
 Steve Kline - “Hopefully he keeps his head and just goes out and plays.”
 Jim Kline - “We had some good requests and tried to spread it around. My happiest day will be when we are able to honor every request. We weren't able to do that.”
 Corey Kline - “He is a spitfire. Last year we took him to state with us so he could see what it was like. He is so much more relaxed and focused this year he is on a tear right now. I hope that the tear continues.”
 John Kline - “The Maine hospitality and this regatta couldn't be better,”
 Sean Kline - “(We had) just a lack of focus from the beginning. That will kill you in any game.”
 John Kline - “If I do things for the city of Urbandale, it's a labor of love.”
 Corey Kline - “I am a little disappointed. Some of these guys are here for the second time and thought they would just come in and seal the deal. Everyone here wants the exact same thing.”
 Corey Kline - “They are seniors and they know what it takes. They didn't let me down. They let themselves down. They will have to pick up the pieces and get back at it tomorrow.”
 John Kline - “If you learn a trade, they can never take that away from you.”
 Jeff Kline - “We expect every sport to be at state and win a state championship. We demand more out of each other. That's where we get our tradition.”
 Sean Kline - “We've adapted. You can tell a difference in wind and conditioning at first. We went pretty hard (Wednesday). We have all day (today) to get our legs back. It shouldn't be a problem.”
 Kevin Kline - “It was all completely incomprehensible to me. I was fearful of the language. You had to look up every third word.”
 Andrew Kline - “It's either someone impersonating them, or it's an utter work of fiction.”
 Steve Kline - “There are many paths and they are all valid if they work for the individual, ... All the paths are sacred and all should be accepted in the recovery family.”
 Steve Kline - “You can have all the talent in the world, but with the exception of Kobe and Shaq, if you don't get along you're not going to play well.”
 Jim Kline - “When you see the fan going, it's tilted downward so it'll pull some of the air down and distribute it through the orchard and hopefully increase the temp a couple degrees. Sometimes a couple degrees is all the difference in the world between saving and losing some of the crops.”
 Steve Kline - “It wasn't fair. I'm just happy for the two years I had with him.”
 Steve Kline - “We haven't come across Ecstasy in this county for a few years now, ... Obviously it's been here, but it's been quiet.”
 Corey Kline - “For four years he wanted nothing more than to get on that podium. I don't know who hurts worse, me or him. It breaks your heart to see it end that way. He had a great season.”
 Kevin Kline - “Notice Notice I was acting”
 John Kline - “The life and legacy of Ronald Reagan so shifted the paradigm of the American Presidency and the character of our nation that it becomes easy to overlook some of the smaller, more personal changes he brought to his office.”
 Corey Kline - “He has a taste of what it is like being close. I hope he can get some rest and wrap it up in the morning.”
 Corey Kline - “It's been the experience of a lifetime for him. He made one small mistake, but now he knows what it takes.”

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