My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Klingel - “These two games have built character for us and we know, as the No. 4 seed, the pressure is off. We are not supposed to be there, but we also know what it takes to win that game as well.”
 Dave Klingel - “When good teams give you opportunities to score like that, you have to take them.”
 Dave Klingel - “Defensively, they took us out of what we wanted to do. Plain and simple, they were the better team. If you were watching the game tonight as a casual observer, they were a better team than us and they proved it three times this year. We didn't deserve to win this game.”
 Dave Klingel - “We were visibly frustrated early on. We were apprehensive offensively. I am all for us making the necessary passes and getting good shots, but we do not need to make 40 passes to get that to happen.”
 Dave Klingel - “When we were at the drawing for the tournament seeds last week, we were praying that we wouldn't have to face Meade. We didn't play well against them during the season and we knew they would be a tough team to face early in the tournament.”
 Dave Klingel - “I don't know if you can totally stop her. We contained her. We frustrated her tonight and we threw some junk defense at her and I thought that was the difference in the game.”
 Dave Klingel - “You have to give them credit, their guards must have shot about 60 percent from the 15-, 17-foot range. When other teams do that and you miss your shots, you're going to lose a lot of ball games.”
 Dave Klingel - “She might not be the most skilled basketball player on the floor, but she makes up for it with her athleticism. She's usually the best all-around athlete on the floor. If I were going to make a poster for South River basketball, she would definitely be on it.”
 Dave Klingel - “She makes so many things happen for us on the floor that I can't teach. Most kids don't see the floor, especially defensively, but she has a knack to play the passing lane and has an uncanny ability to get a hand on a pass. It seems like she is always in the right place at the right time.”