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 Juergen Klinsmann - “We want to finally beat a top team -- that would give us a boost. We will now concentrate fully on the match. Everything else is secondary.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “Our goals haven't changed. Now we want to make it up to our fans. The Americans are a strong team it's not an accident that they are ranked sixth, three places ahead of England, six in front of Italy.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “We are taking this match very seriously and are very optimistic. We want to beat Italy.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “But there are no excuses. You can lose against Italy, but we expect redemption, we want to see a reaction against the United States.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “I do swear a lot, but the advantage is that having played abroad, I can choose a different language from the referee's.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “He'll stay in England to find some rhythm with Liverpool. Last season he was a late starter and went on to win the Champions League.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “I've always said this young team will have its ups and downs. I would rather have the setbacks now, than at the World Cup, because then it will be too late.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “We want to start them thinking that they're responsible for their own career.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “The player can only compete with the best internationally when they've committed themselves to this goal. They have to be properly supported until that point.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “If the national coach lets decisions be made from outside, he's lost the team.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “I train for one-and-a-half hours every day in order to keep my energy level high.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “I think when there's enough will and aggression, there's no shortage of talent either.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “I always stressed that I didn't have coaching experience, but that I did have a deadline June 9.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “As far as knowledge goes I've come a long way.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “I do not agree with this theory that a goalkeeper needs security. Both players have raised their level because they are being pushed.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “We want to push that back. It would be best for us to work with a large group of players for longer. Hopefully, we'll have time until shortly before the tournament.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “I am still filled with the same joy and enthusiasm that I had when I took this job. We can win the World Cup. That is our goal, but we'll take it one step at a time.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “Christian has been given a lot of time since his serious injury to work his way back into the national team and he has done this patiently.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “Mike has impressed us for some time as he's found his game and used goal chances with enormous energy and the right instinct.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “It is vital that we finish the tournament on a high note, ... The players must give their all one more time. Only then can they go on a well-earned holiday.”
 Jurgen Klinsmann - “We feel that is the right time for him to step back up again.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “The title is not an illusion. Otherwise, Greece would have been an illusion too.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “Wayne Rooney is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented young players in the world today. Rooney is that rare player who appears to play by intuition and is able to change the course of a game with powerful runs, strong shooting and incisive passing.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “I completely understand them for jeering.”
 Juergen Klinsmann - “In the second half it was fun to watch, we played with heart and soul.”

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