My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Klores - “This was more difficult, ... because with Griffith, there was a story line. This was a piece of nonfiction information that I had to weave together.”
 Dan Klores - “I thought getting into steroids wouldn't work. I thought hard about the Sosa images in the end. If I got into it, it would have been in full force. I didn't skirt anything.”
 Dan Klores - “I was very lucky, because when I found the people I wanted to interview, everyone would turn me on to someone else, ... The old-timers were all anxious to talk about their experiences because it hasn't been documented other than in books.”
 Dan Klores - “Perez is a wonderful storyteller in the piece showing a rare openness. People had told me 'Tony Perez was private. He's not controversial. He won't say too much,' ... But he was so unbelievably open. It's the subject. They (Latin ballplayers) all want to talk about this.”
 Dan Klores - “I've tried to make a film about love and pride.”
 Dan Klores - “There's no mention of a lot of history. There's no mention of boat-lifting, either. I had to decide what will make it in the story. If I had four hours and not 97 minutes, I could have told a lot more.”
 Dan Klores - “To bring it up now, as an attempt to gain leverage and a better settlement during the divorce, is just reprehensible.”
 Dan Klores - “It was much worse than the so-called negro. It's about a triple form of discrimination -race, language and culture.”
 Dan Klores - “It's a story about pride and love. Pride for your country and love for this game.”
 Dan Klores - “Henry Ford once said that the greatest characteristic about Americans is they forget. I think with Kobe, in another year or two he'll be well on his way back to being the darling of Madison Avenue. The guy has a special gift for playing basketball.”
 Dan Klores - “I've tried to make a film about love and pride. Baseball became the love for these young men, and therefore we feel all of their ups and downs.”
 Dan Klores - “Viva Baseball.”
 Dan Klores - “Following mediation, both Alison and Howard, who care for each other very much, have amicably separated, ... They have come to an agreement and settled all of their concerns.”