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 Phil Klotzbach - “Warm water alone doesn't mean a lot of activity. A lot of things have to happen for a tropical cyclone to develop.”
 Philip Klotzbach - “The very active season we have seen to this point is far from over. We expect that by the time the 2005 hurricane season is over, we will witness seasonal tropical cyclone activity at near-record levels.”
 Philip Klotzbach - “Historical records and the law of averages indicate the probability of seeing two consecutive years like 2004 and 2005 is very low.”
 Phil Klotzbach - “It is rare to have two consecutive years with such a strong simultaneous combination of high amounts of major hurricane activity together with especially favorable steering flow currents. The historical records and the laws of statistics indicate that the probability of seeing another two consecutive hurricane seasons like 2004-2005 is very low.”
 Phil Klotzbach - “Since 1995, it's been mostly active, and this year is a clear example of that.”
 Phil Klotzbach - “Information obtained through the end of March continues to indicate that the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season will be much more active than the average 1950-2000 season.”
 Philip Klotzbach - “We've been pretty good. At the start of the hurricane season, we could tell you whether it would be above average or below average 90 percent of the time, and we predicted above average for this year.”
 Philip Klotzbach - “It's going to be above average. The wind shear is pretty low and the Atlantic is pretty warm, so it will be an active month. You will get a couple of storms before the season is over.”
 Philip Klotzbach - “We are continuing the bad news by predicting above-average activity for September and October. This year should be one of the most active and is already the most destructive hurricane season on record,”
 Phil Klotzbach - “About twice an average season. The Atlantic is still warm, although not as warm as last year.”
 Phil Klotzbach - “Our probabilities this year are high above average.”