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 Tom Kloza - “I joke that you give up low gas prices for Lent.”
 Tom Kloza - “I can tell you traders aren't thrilled by that idea.”
 Tom Kloza - “We saw the lowest prices we're likely to see for a long time at the end of Thanksgiving week.”
 Tom Kloza - “It looks like things will go a little higher -- right around 3 a gallon, ... But it's not going to happen at light speed like it did last time with Katrina.”
 Tom Kloza - “The market is treading water right now. I'm not convinced that we know about the biggest factor of all -- gasoline demand.”
 Tom Kloza - “The story of the (oil) market these days is wild swings. Geopolitical events could surface at any moment that could lead to a temporary spike.”
 Tom Kloza - “Throughout the last decade, we've seen February fire sales on gasoline that represented the 'perishable' winter blends that had limited shelf life.”
 Tom Kloza - “Last year the market was anticipating such an incredible spring they valued the winter gasoline even a bit higher.”
 Tom Kloza - “We're looking at some pretty compelling increases mostly for gasoline, and it's based on worry,”
 Tom Kloza - “There was a sell-off at the end, a counterintuitive sell-off, a contrarian one, on a day there was some reason to worry about supply.”
 Tom Kloza - “This will get worse before it gets better.”
 Tom Kloza - “I think it's going to be another one of those years.”
 Tom Kloza - “If you were launching a new brand right now and you were taking the last four years and saying what might be the worst time to launch a brand, this would be the time.”
 Tom Kloza - “These fees have stayed the same for the past two years for something that many feel is cheaper to do, which a lot of these marketers think is obscene and is one of the hidden costs in these high prices.”
 Tom Kloza - “Taxes used to represent as much as 40 to 50 percent of the price you paid at the pump. Nowadays, it's a much lower figure than that because they haven't changed in 12 years.”
 Tom Kloza - “People should welcome it, but don't get used to it. I don't think we're looking at a return to the prices we saw in 2002 or 2003.”
 Tom Kloza - “Gasoline prices are kind of like a festering scab for people. People do odd things regardless of how stupid it is.”
 Tom Kloza - “It's one thing to sort of send the prices up for gold or silver. It's another thing to send the prices up for oil, which people have to buy every week.”
 Tom Kloza - “There's a fascination with crude oil, but people don't burn crude. They burn gasoline and diesel.”
 Tom Kloza - “Unfortunately, I don't think 3 a gallon is a hyperbolic number in some markets anymore.”
 Tom Kloza - “But they have been one of the unreported beneficiaries of this run-up, and while the major marketers probably won't do the nuclear option, there are a lot of independents out there really considering it,”
 Tom Kloza - “Traders appear to have digested Wednesday's news on the EPA waiver, the SPR crude release and the imminent restarts of the Colonial and Plantation Pipelines.”
 Tom Kloza - “That's a bit of an old wives' tale, a myth. Wholesale prices change every day with the exception of Sunday. The biggest price moves tend to take place on the wholesale markets on Wednesdays these days.”
 Tom Kloza - “The flow of money into commodities is comparable with the flow of money into mutual funds in the 1980s and 1990s. It's like steroids, pumping up prices and leading people to talk about super-spikes to 100 a barrel or more.”
 Tom Kloza - “They're normally about 5 to 10 a barrel. Now, it's closer to 20 to 30. And that's because a lot of money is flowing in on the fear we won't have enough refining capacity this summer.”

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