My Favorite Quotes
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 Todd Kluever - “I have been working with Mark Martin a lot, so he can be a really big benefit for me. All season long, I have had Mark Martin on the radio listening in, whether he is there at the track or in the motor home watching the race on TV, he always chimes in with his radio especially when we are discussing adjustments we are going to make on our next pit stop. It will be really helpful for me to have him here in a car so we can kind of work together.”
 Todd Kluever - “We can go out and run really fast in practice and then halfway through the race we get so tight we can't compete anymore. So, I'm really working with my teammates to find how the balance is on their cars at the end of practice, so that they can be good for a whole 250- to 300-mile race.”
 Todd Kluever - “It's a hard question to answer. I need to be on a level with those guys. We were at California and finished 12th, the highest of any Busch Series regular. You feel good about it, but 12th place does stink.”